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The Body Slimming Detox is the most effective weight loss program in Australia


New Arrivals

Slim By Nature are delighted to introduce our new & limited release products!

During these trying times, we want to help our community by supporting our incredibly talented, local lab technicians. Check back weekly to ensure you don’t miss out on our new arrivals or our limited edition products. 

We also wanted to support our SBN Family by creating Immunity by Nature – a product to support your immunity during the winter months. Along side this, we have created our Hand & Surface Sanitiser  range to help keep you feeling protected.  

We also have a spontaneous limited release of our best-selling 12 Day Trial Kit, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Extra Value Bundles

We are so excited to be able to offer you these exciting new & limited-release bundles. Save on incredible products and receive the best value for your money!




active programs

The Slim By Nature ACTIVE PROGRAM is here! Unlike the original Body Slimming Detox Program, our brand new Active Program will be the first of its kind to cater to vigorous exercise and simultaneously compliment our extraordinary Detox program. You will finally be able to experience the same results found in our traditional guides, without giving up the fit lifestyle you already enjoy!


The Active Program follows the same 3-step process as our traditional programs; with a clean-eating approach taking priority. There are still the same Loading, Detox & Maintenance Phases to follow – so at its heart, you will be embarking upon the same journey as all our other beautiful ladies. The only difference is that it leaves room for all kinds of high-intensity or longevity exercise within your day, so you can be active AND Detox.

Select your program: 30-day, 43-day or 60-day to lose up to 10kg, 15kg and 20kg respectively. As well as having all the same programming options as our traditional plans, you will also be able to select whether you use Detox Drops or Detox Patches.

If you’re not regularly exercising, then the Active Program may not be for you…  Please look at our Body Slimming Detox Drop and Patch Programs to achieve amazing results, without the need for exercise.

detox programs

All of our Detox Programs work in the same way – only differing in how much fat you’re looking to lose, and what product works for your lifestyle the best. We offer two types of programs – a Detox Drop Program and a Detox Patch Program!


The infamous Body Slimming Detox™ is our original and first Detox to ever hit the SBN shelves. It includes a Guide that helps to transform your habits, and SBN Detox Drops to support your body. The BSD™ is ideal for anyone looking to detox their body, elevate their wellness and shed those extra kilos of fat.

If you’re a shift worker, can’t plan out your meals easily, or simply prefer to forget about timing your Detox Drops, our DETOX ON THE GO® Patch Program might be best for you…

DETOX ON THE GO® – Patch Program 

Detox On The Go® is a program that mimics our original Body Slimming Detox™ program, but with added convenience! It includes a step-by-step Guide similar to the BSD™ that helps to transform your habits; however, instead of supporting your body with Detox Drops, you will be doing so with Detox Patches. 


This program is a great option for shift workers or any ladies who would like the convenience of not thinking about timing their meals with their Drops.







Seasoning Sensations

Spice up your Detox with our latest delicious seasonings.

Seasoning Sensations

Experience a world of flavour with our Seasoning Sensations.

With constant questions and queries on how to transform ordinary detox meals into extraordinary ones, we knew this was the next big step for Slim By Nature. All seasonings and spices are Phase 2 approved – meaning you no longer have to cross-check ingredients whilst shopping and cooking.

Printable Resources

The SBN Detox can be rewarding and fun..  These printable resources will help you stay on track and help to make your detox easy.

Nutrition for all the family

We are so delighted to be stocking Nutra Organics broths and helping you nourish your whole family. With a variety of choices, these bases are a natural and organic way to add flavour to your meals.

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Personalised Meal Plans
Personalised Meal Plans

Tailored to each individual, our Personalised Meal Plans are carefully created by our Nutritionist to suit YOUR individual needs and tastes to perfectly complement your detox!

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i am worth it

Our SBN Family is beyond excited to introduce to you our #IAMWORTHIT range. Please welcome our first addition – hand-engraved crystals!

I Am Worth it Range
With so many of our ladies looking for ways to attract more positivity into their lives, we thought this would be a beautiful way to do so. Crystals are such powerful objects in the energy that they attract, filter and generate.
What could make them even more powerful? A personal and hand-engraved message filled with intention, purpose and love…
These crystals are the perfect way to manifest your positive intentions for yourself and we know that our community will love this new addition.
Available now.

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