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Body Slimming Detox

Recommended for anyone that would like to lose up to 7kg* 

Price $99


Body Slimming Detox 

Recommended for anyone that would like to lose up to 15kg*

Price $259


Body Slimming Detox 

Recommended for anyone that would like to lose up to 20kg*

Price $398.95

*There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary.

Kat's Amazing Transformation

Katarina lost over 20kg on our 43 Day COMPLETE Body Slimming Detox!

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Do you want more energy, better skin and to rapidly transform your body in 26 days, while learning how to make simple delicious meals, health tips and no more sugar cravings?

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Recent Testimonials

Take a look at some of the testimonies from some of our recent clients.  These are current & active members of our Ultimate Body Slimming Detox Community – You can join them!

  •   In three weeks I have already lost 7kg and still counting. I have felt more energy, no bloating and have... read more

    thumb Danielle Williams

      Would highly recommend Slim by Nature to anyone trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. I have personally... read more

    thumb Melissa Norris

      I have found this program to be the most valuable tool I've ever come across to lose weight. It's easy... read more

    thumb Michelle Torkington

      Its fast results, its easy, it resets your metabolism ... and when you compare it to the prices I've paid... read more

    thumb Katarina Yzel

      I love this product. It has been amazing seeing the weight come off. If you have tried every diet and... read more

    thumb Sanet Botterill

      Absolutely amazing, would reccomend this to anyone x

    thumb Bianca Tucker

    thumb Manda Jay

      I found the program easy to follow and had great support from Zhanna, Kat and Bo.

    thumb Debbie Robinson

      I still refer to SBN as my "magic potion". The program works and is easy to follow. The ladies are... read more

    thumb Chantel Van Der Merwe

      Can't recommend SBN enough!!
    Firstly the drops are affordable, easy to carry and to use, and very efficient!!
    Secondly compare to... read more

    thumb Oriane El Jammal


    thumb Netty Clark


    thumb Ella Ce

If you told me two months ago that I would lose this amount of weight and feel this great – I would not have believed you!


IT Professional & Mum

You see results so quickly – and you’re not actually starving yourself & having shakes or something crazy like that.


Teacher, Lost 6kg in 3 weeks

I would recommend this program for anyone that is interested in losing weight and also has a very busy lifestyle.


Lost 9.1kg on our 26 Day Program

I was delighted.  I pretty much went to my pre-baby weight after those two weeks (on the program)


Business Owner, Lost Post Baby Weight in 2 weeks

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What is the BSD  – Body Slimming Detox

The Body Slimming Detox is a unique 3 STEP program – which will change your life forever.


This program is the Ultimate Body Slimming Detox that gets rid of any sugar and carb addictions, burns fat forever from your most problem areas, such as stomach, thighs, abdominal and back. It locks in the weight, resets your metabolism and eventually allows you to have a fulfilling lifestyle.

You Can Only Do This BSD Detox If…

You want change and rapid results within days

You want to sleep better, feel better and be better

You are over shakes & diet pills and want to learn healthy habits going forward

You want to eat real food and talk to real people

Thousands of bodies transformed – Will you be next?

*There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary.

Yes I am Ready For Change!

Discover the most amazing 43 Day COMPLETE Body Slimming Detox and kick those bad habits, get rapid results as your body say’s goodbye to the fat and you emerge as a healthier person.

It’s so easy with our 3 Phase Detox. Start today!

BSD is Simply The Best

Slim By Nature eating plans are constantly evolving to suit the modern day lifestyle. All products are made in a Australia to very high standards.

Our products are not tested on animals and no animal ingredients. Our products do not contain hormones and we do not import any part of our product or ingredient from Asia.

Our drops are a unique formula and we only use amber glass in medical grade bottles with a tamper proof seal to ensure the quality of our products are the best.

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