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Slim By Nature… For Men?

Slim by Nature are a company that promotes healthy lifestyle choices to Detox, De-clutter and invigorate the mind, body and environment of our clients.   As a woman, I find it easier to resonate with other women and help them to change their lives for the...

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Natasha Lost 10kgs with Slim By Nature

I was 70kg and after 40 days on the program I have lost 10kgs! I started the slim and healthy program basically because I had tried everything else and nothing worked. Nearly 40, my body no longer broke down calories as fast as it used to. I was in a state of...

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What is the SBN Body Slimming Detox?

With Slim By Nature. Hello Beautiful, I thought I will take the time today and explain exactly what is our Body Slimming Detox and Why it is so popular and loved amongst women. You see, I get asked so often why OUR formula actually works and what is it we do - that...

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Eat Less – Move More Myth

The "Eat Less, Move More, Weigh Less" Myth WHY EATING HEALTHY AND REGULAR EXERCISE SOMETIMES IS NOT ENOUGH TO GET YOUR LIFE BACK IN A BALANCED AND IN A HEALTHY STATE. I decided to address this topic here today on our blog.  I can not sit still any longer while...

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Healthy Recipe Hempseed Tabouli

Try this delicious and healthy recipe Hempseed Tabouli from the Slim By Nature Kitchen. You will need: Half a Cup of hempseed A handful of Cherry Tomatos Half a Lemon to squeeze the juice 1 cup of flat parsley leaves Quarter cup of min leaves Quarter of a large red...

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