The Body Slimming Detox

Nourish your body from within, lose weight and glow on the outside as much as you do on the inside

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The Body Slimming Detox

Nourishes your body from within, helping you lose weight and glow on the outside

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organic & natural
scientifically researched
australian made
organic & natural
australian made
scientifically researched
There is only one unique and special you – so you deserve to look and feel beautiful every single day. Burn fat, eliminate cravings and become healthier in just weeks with our Body Slimming Detox™. We will help you achieve your goal weight by resetting your metabolism and teaching you how to best fuel your body.

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About Our Body Slimming Detox™ Program

Lovingly created and developed by health professionals for over a decade, our simple yet powerful Body Slimming Detox program will improve your well-being and confidence every single day – with results to last you a lifetime.

Slim By Nature has crafted this program to transform your confidence and body – all via detoxification. Learn how to eat to fuel your body, rid yourself of pesky cravings, and burn fat fast. On our program you will learn about what foods compliment your digestion and bodily functions, and what foods work against it. When learning these things, each experience is completely dependent upon the person and is unique to the individual. 

The benefits:

A complete detox of the body, mind & soul

When you embark on your Body Slimming Detox health and wellness journey, you are teaching yourself how to rebalance and live a healthy and harmonious lifestyle. Every gram of fat you shed, every toxin you expel, and every bit of energy you manifest, allows your body to create for itself an abundance of health, vitality and natural beauty.

Cleanse and detox your body

Throughout your detox journey,, your body will release excess stores of fat – in turn, releasing its store of toxins as well. As fat cells are burned and toxins are flushed out of your system, your body will begin to function more efficiently and harmoniously.

learn what foods work for you

Knowledge is power, so following our Meal Guide will allow you to start recognising which foods best compliment and nourish YOU. You will finally be able to understand what foods cause you bloating, discomfort and sluggishness, and what foods promote energy and excitement within your body. 

Long lasting results

The BSD will give you incredible results – but our program will give you so much more than rapid weight-loss. Forming new and healthy habits on this journey will transform your life and by completing the program correctly, your results will be maintained for years to come.

The program works in three simple phases

Phase 1

During the first two days of the Program, you can eat to your heart’s content. Eat whatever you like, whenever you like, and however much you like. So long as you do this in combination with taking our Detox Drops and/or Patches, your body will be prepared for Phase 2.

Phase 2
Detox & Fat Burning

Phase 2 is the Detox Phase whereby you follow our program and Meal Guide. In combination with following SBN protocol, you will also be using your Detox Drops and/or Patches. Throughout this phase your metabolism will reset, negative thoughts and emotions will lift, and you learn will learn how to eat well for YOUR body.

Phase 3

This phase is the most important! Lock in your habits and your results. During the last three weeks of the program you gradually ease back into a regular eating plan whilst taking the Maintenance Drops. Don’t be surprised to look in the mirror and see a renewed, more confident and healthier version of yourself!

After the Program
The Results

Each phase of the Body Slimming Detox will affect your body differently. You will notice rapid changes in your body fat, focus, energy and cravings. You will learn what foods and self-care methods work best for you and your body.

Choose the Detox Program that is right for you

Each program is specifically designed to help you achieve your ideal weight loss and health goals

Starter Detox

Lose up to 7kg in 26 days

complete Detox

Lose up to 15kg in 43 days

Accelerated Detox

Lose up to 20kg in 60 days

Detox on the go®

Lose up to 7kg in 26 days

head to toe on the go

Lose up to 15kg in 43 days

cleansed body detox

Lose up to 20kg in 60 days

All of our programs include:

A step by step guide, shopping list, meal plans, tips and recipes. PLUS gain access to our exclusive support group – all designed to help you grow and become the best version of yourself

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Dedicated online support:

We are with you every day!

Slim By Nature is all about female empowerment – so we won’t let you go through this journey on your own. We offer online support through our SBN Family of women via our Private Facebook Community. Here, our team provides you with free advice, mindset coaching and support whilst you are taking part in the program. However, the best part is that there are hundreds of extraordinary women – just like you – who share and encourage one another on their own journey too. Women are so much stronger together and when we support and build each other up – incredible things happen. SBN provides the perfect platform for some girl power and love.

“This program is the most valuable tool I’ve ever come across to lose weight. It’s easy to follow and the support from the other girls doing the program is absolutely amazing.”
Michelle Torkington

“Would highly recommend Slim By Nature to anyone trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. I’ve lost a lot of weight and it’s changed my life and the way I look at food. Fantastic product”
melissa norris

“The program is simple and focussed on clean eating. You learn that fresh food can be delicious without being loaded with all the things that we don’t need. You also get the support and advice from an amazing community of ladies going through the same things as you which makes all the difference”
Megan moffat

Long lasting and proven results

Growth in Mindset

As you learn more about yourself on this journey – and begin to see results – your confidence is guaranteed to improve. You will become so proud of your achievements, and your motivation will begin to flow naturally. Expect some intense self-loving and nurturing thoughts!

More Energy

Once your body eliminates the excess fat and negative thoughts, you will notice an increase in energy, vitality and excitement in all aspects of your life. The Body Slimming Detox will leave you feeling fresh and radiating the health inside your body.

Glowing Skin

Nothing says health more than glowing skin and self-confidence! As impurities leave your body, your skin will soak up all the nutritious goodness YOU are nurturing it with – transforming your largest organ into its most radiant state of being.

A day on a plate

Breakfast: Water / Tea / Coffee

Morning Tea: Water, Dark Chocolate Strawberry Slices

Lunch: Water, Thai Style Chicken Meatballs With Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower

Afternoon Tea: Water, Crackers

Dinner: Water, Veal Florentine

Dessert: Caramel Apple Pie

For more recipe ideas, please refer to our cookbook and join our Facebook Group.

The Body Slimming Detox is for you if you…

…Are struggling with lack of energy, depression, cravings and/or hormonal imbalances

…Would love to lose unwanted fat for good and learn how to to nourish your body

…Are tired of trying the latest diet trends to lose weight and nothing ever works

…Want to change your lifestyle to enjoy a happy and healthy life

…Are struggling to get your body back on track after an injury or operation

…Want to learn how to make simple, delicious meals that are good for all of your family

…Are going through menopause and want to keep your hormones and weight at bay

We want to teach you eat your way to health and empower you to live a life full of opportunities.

Your journey to health and beauty begins here

Isn’t it time for you to put yourself first and commit to your own health and beauty journey? Only you can make the change by taking action and start living a life you love in your renewed, healthy and beautiful body – and we will be with you each step of the way.

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you may experience

1. You may experience constipation during the detox. Having a bowel movement every 3 days is not unheard of during this detox and is a possible side effect amongst our clients, however; there is nothing to worry about. This constipation is simply as a result of your body adjusting to a smaller quantity of food that is being digested. Be sure to drink plenty of water during this time. We highly recommend to purchase our NEW 123TEATOX that helps your body ease its way on your health journey.

2. You may also experience headaches or dizziness. Once again, this is a very common detoxification symptom, and shouldn’t last longer than a few days. Be sure to drink plenty of water. See a doctor if this continues for longer than 10 days.

3. A side effect of leg cramps or a rash can occur. This is purely due to the lowered intake of potassium during the Detox. Therefore, if you experience one of these symptoms, a simple potassium supplement will treat the problem. Alternatively, have a Detox Bath with our handcrafted detox bath bombs or handmade selection of SBN bath salts.

Always consult your doctor or physician before you begin any diet, weight loss program or detox cleanse.

Frequently asked questions

What do the Slim By Nature Programs do?
Slim By Nature offers numerous programs all with the same foundation. Each program is a detox that will burn fat rapidly and help to transform your body and lifestyle. At the end of your program you will have learnt what foods make your body feel good and what foods don’t. You will learn to nourish your body properly and in the process, lose unwanted fat and detoxify your body.
How do the programs work?
Slim By Nature Detoxes work by combining an intricately designed program, and a natural, homeopathic product. They work together by boosting natural hormones that in turn cause the hypothalamus area of the brain to trigger a release of abnormal fat stores. In addition to a full-body detox and fat-loss, many women who have completed the program also experience other numerous health benefits, including; a drop in cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar.
Can I just follow the meal plan without taking drops/patches?
No. The reason our Detoxes work so well is because our intricate plans are combined with our drops/patches. The drops/patches are what actually triggers the release of fat and allows you to lose weight so quickly.

If you follow our meal plan without taking the drops/patches, your body will go into ‘starvation mode’. The premise behind fat-loss is a caloric deficit. So, our programs and products have been developed to achieve this as quickly as possible, but in a healthy and safe way. If you aggressively decrease your calories without taking our products, metabolic adaption will occur and you will not lose weight.

In short, our drops/patches are what will trigger your weight loss when combined with our program – so you cannot just follow the program without taking drops/patches.

Can I just have drops/patches and ‘eat clean’ without following the program to the T?
No. Unfortunately, everyone’s version of ‘clean eating’ and ‘healthy eating’ is different. Our program has been specifically tailored to match the outstanding ability of the products we have. If you do not adhere to the program, you will not see results.
How much weight can I expect to lose?
Your result depends on the program you purchase.

We have a 26-day program, a 43-day program, and a 60-day program. On each program you can expect to lose up to 7kgs of fat, 15kgs of fat or 20kgs of fat respectively.

Do I have to complete the Maintenance Phase?
The Maintenance Phase is the most important of all the phases. This is where you lock in your weight-loss. The maintenance phase follows the principle of reverse dieting – whereby you gradually reintroduce your body to a higher food intake in order to maintain your results.

If you do not complete this part of the program, do not expect to maintain your incredible results.

Can I do the program if I am diabetic?
You can take part in the Detox if you are diabetic however, we strongly suggest and encourage you to monitor your blood glucose level closely. You may need to reduce your insulin, however, keep on top of your blood glucose level. We also advise that you book a consultation with our in-house naturopath and check in with you GP.
Can I still do the program if I am on Hormone Replacement Therapy?
Yes. Neither the program or products won’t alter the effect of your HRT.
I have PCOS. Can this program work for me?
Yes, this program can work wonders for you. Everyone is different, but we have had hundreds of women complete our programs successfully with the same symptoms. There are women in our Private Facebook Group who constantly update us on their journey and successes. Just be sure to keep in mind your level of insulin resistance and glucose levels.
Are there any side-effects?
For the first few days you may experience some mild headaches or constipation. These symptoms are normal for our clients. Be sure to keep hydrated throughout this time. However, if these symptoms persist for longer than 7 days, please see your GP.
Where are Slim By Nature products made?
Slim By Nature is an Australian company and all of our products are made in Australia.
Will the products affect my contraception?
No. Our products will not interfere with any contraceptive methods.
Will the products interfere with my medication?
Our products do not interfere with any known medications. Our drops and patches are homeopathic – therefore have no properties that alter the effects of any medication.
Is it true I can’t get a massage whilst completing the Detox?
It is highly recommended that you avoid getting a massage – especially with oil – as your tissues are rendered very delicate whilst on the Detox. The oil in the massage is absorbed by your skin and thus makes it more difficult for fat to be eliminated whilst on the Detox.
Can I exercise on this program?
Exercise is not necessary to receive results on this program. In fact, it is recommended that when starting out, you reduce the amount of vigorous exercise you do. If you wish to maintain a high-intensity training program, contact us and one of our friendly team members will help adjust the program to suit your activity level!

However, we encourage light exercise such as yoga, Pilates or light walking.

Why should I start my Detox on a Saturday?
You can start your Detox journey at any time. We just recommend that you start it on a Saturday so that your loading phase takes up the weekend and the detox phase begins on a Monday at the beginning of your work week. We believe that this helps make the start of your detox a lot easier. However, if you wish to start at another time you can.
Do I have to complete the Loading Phase? I want to start detoxing straight away!
YES! You do. We have a lot of ladies who wish to jump-start the program and start detoxing right away, however, you will fail before you even start! The loading phase is just as important as any other – as it’s a time for your body to load up on healthy micro and macro nutrients before going through a detox. Don’t cheat yourself. Complete the loading phase.

This doesn’t mean you have to eat ‘junk food’. If you don’t want to eat burgers and chips you don’t have to! Just make sure you are eating high-fat foods like avocado, salmon, nut-butters, etc. But… you can also have some ‘junk food’ if you like too!

Won’t I feel hungry on the program?
Perhaps if you were following our program without the drops/patches… but our products are designed to make you feel satiated and full after your meals. The drops and patches are homoeopathically tailored to regulate your appetite.

However, if you are still struggling with afternoon or midnight cravings, we highly recommend you purchase our product CraveLess. This comes free in our Premium Packages.

Can men take part in the Detox?
Absolutely! Slim By Nature targets women but our programs are suitable for men too! In fact, they work better for men because they tend to have a much higher resting metabolic rate.

If you’re a man who’s looking to start our program please contact one of our friendly staff and we will help to adjust the program and meal plan for you!

I forgot to take my drops! What do I do?
If you forget to take your drops, don’t worry! Just take them as soon as you remember.
I’ve completed the program, but I’d still like to lose more weight. Can I start right away?
No. If you would like to complete another round of our detox, we strongly advise that you wait 4 weeks after completing the maintenance phase before you begin another detox.
If I am pregnant or breastfeeding, can I take part in the Detox?
No. We do not recommend that you do the Detox whilst pregnant or breastfeeding due to the lowered food intake required in Phase 2.