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The Body Slimming Detox

Nourishes your body from within, helping you lose weight and glow on the outside

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The Body Slimming Detox

Nourishes your body from within, helping you lose weight and glow on the outside

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organic & natural
scientifically researched
australian made
organic & natural
australian made
scientifically researched
There is only one unique and special you, and you deserve to look and feel beautiful every day. Our Body Slimming Detox will help you reach your ideal weight by resetting your metabolism and teaching you the best way to eat for your body. You’ll also eliminate fat and cravings, becoming healthier in just weeks.

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About the BSD Program

Lovingly created and developed by health professionals for over a decade, whilst keeping you in mind, our simple yet powerful Body Slimming Detox program will improve your well-being and your body every single day – with results that will last you a lifetime.

Slim By Nature has delicately crafted this program to assist your entire being in detoxifying itself – ridding you of cravings and burning fat fast. On this program you learn about foods that compliment your body and work in harmony with it, and also foods that work against it. The entire experience is personal and different for each unique individual.

The benefits:

A complete detox of body, mind & soul

When you embark on your Body Slimming Detox health and wellness journey, you are teaching yourself how to rebalance and live a healthy and harmonious lifestyle. Every gram of fat you shed, every toxin you expel, and every bit of energy you manifest, allows your body to create for itself an abundance of health, vitality and natural beauty.

Cleanse and detox your body

During your detox, your body will release all of its unnecessary toxins and fat. These will be flushed out of your system each day. Then, the toxins will be countered and replaced with healthy bi-products, leaving you feeling fresh and radiating the health inside your body.

learn what food works for you

Follow the Meal Plan and you’ll begin to recognise which foods best nourish YOU – body, mind & soul – helping you feel your best. You’ll finally discover what forms of nourishment compliment and harmonise with your body and use this knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle.

Long lasting results

Our program teaches you to nourish and nurture your body with healthy foods and thoughts. At the end of the programs you’ll have both a positive mindset and a healthy inner-being. We are confident you’ll be able to take these results with you for the rest of your health journey in life.

The program works in three simple phases

Phase 1

During the first two days of the Program, you can eat as much as you want. Eat whatever and however much you wish in combination with our Detox Drops, Detox Patches or both – preparing your body for Phase 2.

Phase 2
Detox & Fat Burning

On Phase 2 you go on a complete Detox with the help of our Detox Drops or Detox Patches and meal plans. By eliminating the foods that cause inflammation and allergies in your body your metabolism will reset. You’ll also release negative thoughts and emotions as you learn how to eat clean and cut the cravings.

Phase 3

During the last three weeks of the program you gradually ease back into a regular eating plan while taking the Maintenance Drops. Don’t be surprised to look in the mirror and see a renewed, more confident and healthier version of yourself!

After the Program
The Results

Each phase of the Body Slimming Detox will affect your body differently, but ultimately, you will notice rapid changes in your body fat, focus, energy and cravings. You will learn what foods and self-care methods work best for you and your body.

Choose the Detox Program that is right for you

Each Program is specifically designed to help you achieve your weight loss and health goals

Starter Detox

Lose 7kg in 26 days

complete Detox

Lose up to 15kg in 43 days

Accelerated Detox

Lose up to 20kg in 60 days

All of our programs include:

A step by step guide, shopping list, meal plans, tips and recipes, plus access to our exclusive support group – all designed to help you discover and become the best version of yourself

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Dedicated online support:

We are with you every day!

Slim By Nature is all about female empowerment – so we won’t let you go through this journey on your own. We offer online support through our SBN Family of women via our Private Facebook Community. Here, our team provides you with free advice, mindset coaching and support whilst you are taking part in the program. However, the best part is that there are hundreds of extraordinary women – just like you – who share and encourage one another on their own journey too. Women are so much stronger together and when we support and build each other up – incredible things happen. SBN provides the perfect platform for some girl power and love.

“This program is the most valuable tool I’ve ever come across to lose weight. It’s easy to follow and the support from the other girls doing the program is absolutely amazing.”
Michelle Torkington

“Would highly recommend Slim By Nature to anyone trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. I’ve lost a lot of weight and it’s changed my life and the way I look at food. Fantastic product”
melissa norris

“The program is simple and focussed on clean eating. You learn that fresh food can be delicious without being loaded with all the things that we don’t need. You also get the support and advice from an amazing community of ladies going through the same things as you which makes all the difference”
Megan moffat

Long lasting and proven results

Growth in Mindset

As you learn more about yourself on this journey – and begin to see results – your confidence is guaranteed to improve. You will become so proud of your achievements, and your motivation will begin to flow naturally. Expect some intense self-loving and nurturing thoughts!

More Energy

Once your body eliminates the excess fat and negative thoughts, you will notice an increase in energy, vitality and excitement in all aspects of your life. The Body Slimming Detox will leave you feeling fresh and radiating the health inside your body.

Glowing Skin

Nothing says health more than glowing skin and self-confidence! As impurities leave your body, your skin will soak up all the nutritious goodness YOU are nurturing it with – transforming your largest organ into its most radiant state of being.

The Body Slimming Detox is for you if you…

…Are struggling with lack of energy, depression, cravings and/or hormonal imbalances

…Would love to lose unwanted fat for good and learn how to to nourish your body

…Are tired of trying the latest diet trends to lose weight and nothing ever works

…Want to change your lifestyle to enjoy a happy and healthy life

…Are struggling to get your body back on track after an injury or operation

…Want to learn how to make simple, delicious meals that are good for all of your family

…Are going through menopause and want to keep your hormones and weight at bay

We want to teach you eat your way to health and empower you to live a life full of opportunities.

Your journey to health and beauty begins here

Isn’t it time for you to put yourself first and commit to your own health and beauty journey? Only you can make the change by taking action and start living a life you love in your renewed, healthy and beautiful body – and we will be with you each step of the way.

start your detox now

you may experience

1. You may experience constipation during the detox. Bowel movement every 3 days is considered completely normal. Be sure to drink plenty of water during this time. We highly recommend to purchase our NEW 123TEATOX that helps your body ease its way on your health journey.

2. You may also experience headaches or dizziness. Once again, this is a very common detoxification symptom, and shouldn’t last longer than a few days. Be sure to drink plenty of water. See a doctor if this continues for longer than 10 days.

3. A side effect of leg cramps or a rash can occur. This is purely due to the lowered intake of potassium during the Detox. Therefore, if you experience one of these symptoms, a simple potassium supplement will treat the problem. Alternatively, have a Detox Bath with our handcrafted detox bath bombs or handmade selection of SBN bath salts.

Always consult your doctor or physician before you begin any diet, weight loss program or detox cleanse.

Free delivery over $300 | Afterpay AU NZ

Join the SBN family

Join our beautiful and supportive community and receive 10% off your first order. Plus receive health tips, recipes and exclusive VIP offers.

Join the SBN family

Join our beautiful and supportive community and receive 10% off your first order. Plus receive health tips, recipes and exclusive VIP offers.