Wedding Day Diet

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You need a diet plan that works in with a modern, busy bride-to-be

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Eeek I only have a few weeks before the wedding

Wedding Day Diet

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Take the Guesswork out of what to eat, Losing Weight and Wedding Day Dress tears. Thousands have already been successful with our wedding day diet plans and so can you!

Let’s face it, getting in shape before the wedding is hard work, especially with the added pressure of making sure everything has been organised, there is no sign of rain and that both families will behave.

The excitement of a wedding is where you want to stay, thinking about the location, cake, theme, is your dress going to be short, off the shoulder, lacey, long or vintage…

You get the picture and so do we, it’s supposed to be fun going dress shopping right?

So after hours of looking online and pinning a gazzion pictures on pinterest, you know what you want… But there is one problem after you actually try on dresses. You only just fitted into it or worse it looks terrible on you. Now you feel unhappy and fat… oh let’s not forget all that wasted time your friends and family spent with you to find your perfect dress.

The solution… you need to go on a diet fast! You need a diet plan that works in with a modern, busy bride-to-be. One where there are no pills, juices, weird tasting plastic meals or shakes, a proven diet plan based on true success stories. You need the ultimate Wedding Day Diet Plan!

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Why Our Detox Plans Are So Easy! 

Want to get a Wedding Dress Body in just 26 Days? Or maybe you only have 2 weeks? 

The wedding day diet includes a step by step how to guide, shopping list, meal plans, tips, recipes and more, all designed to help you get wedding day dress ready – and, of course, ready for those photos with your amazing partner. We know the tools that work!

So act today, start losing the weight now in time for your big day.

DETOX26 – Lose 7 Kilos in just 26 days

DETOX43 – Lose 10-15 Kilos in just 43 days

DETOX60 – Lose 15 + Kilos in just 60 days

How it works?

We also take so much pride in delivering beautiful brides we work with one of Australia’s premier health product production experts to create our special formula and all this because you deserve only the best. Our simple step by step process gets results! It won’t be long until you can post your before and after pictures with sass.
The program may help boost natural hormones that in turn causes the hypothalamus area of the brain to trigger a release of abnormal fat stores. In addition to weight loss, many people who have completed the program also experienced many other health benefits, including a drop in cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar.

Phase 1

Read the guide, be prepared with your food. Start the programme – Take the drops and eat the foods you need to say goodbye to. Celebrate your change!

Phase 2

Now time to reset your body – take the drops, learn how to eat clean, connect with your body through basic meals, herbs and mindset. Send a message of love to yourself!

Phase 3 

After the rapid results learn how to maintain this body transformation – Take the maintenance drops and formula Z – What a gift you have given yourself!

If you say YES to most of these then you really need this!

I really want to make it to the gym or those early morning bootcamp sessions, but don’t

I just want an easy black and white plan to follow with rapid results in days

I eat the same amount as my partner – I know I am over eating!

I don’t want to waste my money on seminars, diet pills, diet shakes or hard to follow programs

Thousands of bodies transformed – Are you ready to get real results like these? Yes your partner can do it with you!

Yes I need this!

We know you are faced with all the pressures of modern day living and wedding plan dramas.

Looking your best for your big day is high priority, but it also takes the most effort and is the hardest thing to accomplish. We’re here to help and have made it super easy for you to fit into that dress you always wanted. Time to take the power back!

It’s so easy with our 3 Phase Detox. Start today!

Happy bridesmaids are supportive bridesmaids

We’ve even got bridesmaid packages, so they can feel as good as you do on your big day
Nothing worse than a fake smile and I feel like your fat friend in a photo right?

If you care about your bridesmaids, which we know you do, get them to do the wedding day diet or you could think of it as insurance that they can still fit into those expensive dresses you bought them.

Besides it’s more fun when you’re friends are doing it with you. Wedding day girl diet gang! Just say’in