Winter Warmer Bundle – Immunity

$147.00 $97.00

Warm up your immune system this winter! 


Product Description

Warm up your immune system and enjoy some of our more popular SBN Products! This combination will help boost your immune system and keep your lymph flowing (Inner Goodness), help to reduce inflammation and pain in the body (Anti-inflammatory Tea) and provide you with some mouth-watering wholesome meal inspiration (Low Gluten Recipe Book).

With a total value of $147, this immune-boosting winter bundle is available for just $97.

WHAT’S included?

Inner goodness: 

Inner Goodness transdermal patches have been expertly blended with homeopathic ingredients to support the lymphatic system. Glow from the inside out with the amazing benefits of these all-natural patches: enhance lymphatic flow, promote waste elimination, balance the immune system, boost metabolic rate, and reduce swelling, puffiness and inflammation.


Anti-inflammatory tea:

SBN Anti-Inflammatory Tea contains potent herbal ingredients that may help naturally reduce inflammatory factors, enhance vitality and promote healing. This formulation contains a specialised blend of medicinal herbs that may work to relieve pain, tension, bloating and digestive discomforts, lymphatic stagnation and toxic buildup. 


Low Gluten Recipe Book (Digital):

Enjoy this mouth-watering collection of wholesome low-gluten recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, treats and smoothie options. This handy electronic (and printable) recipe book allows you to make truly delicious meals that the whole family will love!