Winter Warmer: CleanseWinter Warmer: Cleanse

Winter Warmer Bundle – Cleanse

$425.35 $257.00

Prepare your body as best you can this winter with our Cleanse Winter Warmer bundle!

Product Description

Prepare your body as best you can this winter with our Cleanse Winter Warmer bundle! This combination has been curated to bullet-proof your mind and body (both on the inside and outside) with some of our top-selling products. Detoxify your system with our detox repeat patches, sleep sounder and burn fat with Formula Z, ease inflammation and promote healing with our anti-inflammatory tea, add a flavour and antioxidant hit to your meals with our spices, and get in the kitchen with our stylish apron and our Body Slimming Cook Book!

With a total value of $425.35, this Flow & Glow winter bundle is available for just $257.00.

WHAT’S included?

 Detox Repeat Patches:

Designed to boost results during the first two phases of the program, SBN Detox Patches have been expertly created with Australian sourced, naturally-derived ingredients that work to burn stubborn fat, reduce sugar and carb cravings, and support your body’s natural detoxification processes.


Formula Z:

Your best ally this winter for more rest and deeper sleep, as well as enhanced fat burning! Designed to support weight loss, help you sleep sounder, promote muscle recovery and support radiant skin, formula Z can be taken at any time, whether you’re detoxing or not! 


Anti-inflammatory tea:

SBN Anti-Inflammatory Tea contains potent herbal ingredients that may help naturally reduce inflammatory factors, enhance vitality and promote healing. This formulation contains a specialised blend of medicinal herbs that may work to relieve pain, tension, bloating and digestive discomforts, lymphatic stagnation and toxic buildup. 


4x SBN Antioxidant Seasoning Blends:

Experience a world of flavour with our Seasoning Sensations. Not only are these delicious, but they are also all-natural and full of antioxidants and health-boosting benefits. All seasonings and spices are Phase 2 approved – meaning you no longer have to cross-check ingredients whilst shopping and cooking.


Body Slimming Detox Cook Book (Physical Book):

Our Detox & Fat Burning Recipe Book comes packed with over 60 incredible recipes perfect for you to use during your Slim By Nature journey! This wholesome recipe book is filled with incredible phase 2 approved fat-burning meals that are both tasty and delicious!


The beautiful Unisex Otto Bib Apron is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Made with premium cotton and genuine leather neck straps, it will make you feel ultra-luxe whilst you whip up a storm in the kitchen.