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What Are Ear Seeds?

 Ear Seeds are the traditional (and aesthetically pleasing) ear acupressure tool that elicits a systemic and therapeutic effect on the whole body to boost moods, aid sleep, support weight loss, ease pain, and promote overall wellbeing.

Simple, understated and nearly invisible. Ear seeds are an elegant, no-needle form of acupuncture that targets the 200 acupressure points on the ear to elicit a therapeutic response.

TGA Approved | Australian Owned | Cruelty-Free | Vegan

How Do Ear Seeds Work?
Ear seeding dates back 3,000 years and is a technique used in traditional Chinese medicine. Ear Seeds, also known as auriculotherapy, involve the application of slow, long-term pressure to particular acupressure points of the ear, which in turn targets certain systems of the body. The ear contains 200+ acupressure points that stimulate nerve endings that communicate with the reflex centres of the brain; for this reason, acupressure points can be thought as a tiny map of the body. These neurological pathways send messages to the spinal cord, which travel to the part of the body being targeted. These beautiful silver and 24k gold-plated seeds are affixed to clear tape and are nearly invisible.
Due to the large number of acupressure points in the ear (over 200) that stimulate certain energy meridians, ear seeds have been shown to produce a positive impact on a large range of organs, tissues and systems within the body. Some symptoms that ear seeds are known to treat include:

 -Chronic pain






-Headaches and migraines

-Metabolic syndromes

-Supportive treatment for addiction and weight loss

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What's Included?
-Seeded Ear Seeds point guide with 6 wellness protocols

-20 x 24k gold-plated Ear Seeds

TGA Approved | Australian Owned | Cruelty-Free | Vegan



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