SBN Detox And Fat Burning Recipes Vol.1


Product Description
Volume 1 of our Detox & Fat Burning Recipe Book comes packed with over 60 incredible recipes perfect for you to use during your Slim By Nature journey. Once our recipe book arrives at your door, it will become your best friend and go-to guide on detox and fat burning meals – making your program a breeze!

Each recipe serves a purpose… You may feel like a refreshing meal – something like our Spicy Thai Cucumber Salad, or perhaps something warm and hearty – like our Hot and Sour Thai Prawn Soup. Whatever it is, our incredible recipe book will have your back. Not only does our recipe book contain variety, but it will teach you ways to utilise foods that you never thought possible before… Something like our Open Mushroom Hamburger could do the trick!

Filled with incredible fat-burning meals that are tasty and filling, you will have the perfect companion throughout your journey on the SBN Detox and even beyond.

As well as having created meals that are to die for, we know what it’s like to deal with clutter in the house – but Slim By Nature’s recipe book has been carefully thought out not only on the inside, but on the outside too… We want you to feel that this book is a little bonus piece of décor and will add value to your life.

Here at SBN you’ll notice we have many eGuides. But this time, we wanted to gift you something beautiful and tangible. So to remind you of your development in self-love and health, we thought a physical copy of our incredible recipe book would be a great reminder of your goal.

Our gorgeous recipe book has been carefully crafted and designed to look amazing no matter where you store it; whether it be your coffee table, kitchen bench or bookshelf. Place it somewhere easy to reach, and in sight – so you can remain motivated every day on your journey to health and be reminded that health is true beauty.

We know a lot of you have been with us since day one. Supporting our small business and watching it grow… so as a token of our thanks we’d like to offer our valued pre-existing clients this cookbook at a heavily discounted rate of only $29!

If you have purchased from us before, please email us at [email protected] and we will create a unique, one-off discount code especially for you that can be used at the checkout!