Personalised Meal Plans


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Product Description


Have a personalised and custom meal plan tailored to suit YOUR NEEDS and perfectly accompany your Detox. Whether it be you have allergies, dietary requirements, you’re too busy to think about what to cook for your next Detox meal, or you just enjoy the simplicity of following a step-by-step guide – this personalised meal plan is perfect for you.

Unlike the meal plan sample provided in every Detox eGuide, this comprehensive plan is personalised to you and tailored by our in-house nutritionist. Our nutritionist will have a 30-minute phone consultation with you to find out what is important to you and what suits your needs – and
from that, create an easy-to-follow guide that will meet the Body Slimming Detox Phase 2 or Phase 3 guidelines.

With a Personalised Meal Plan, you will eliminate any potential excuses for failure and give yourself the best chance to succeed. It is a brilliant way to have a bulletproof menu that works for YOU and give you the results you want.

After trialling this service for months, we have found that our Personalised Meal Plan is also a brilliant addition to the Maintenance Phase. Locking in your incredible results after weeks of hard work is absolutely key – or you will feel like you have done it all for nothing. So, to make this process easier and bulletproof for you, our Personalised Meal Plan can pave the way to success.

When it comes to those on Maintenance, this meal plan will become your best friend. With each week progressively increasing your caloric intake, all the science and nitty-gritty calculations will have already been done for you! The trickiest phase will become the easiest and safeguarding your
results have never been simpler.
Let the meal plan be your guide so you can rest assured you’re getting the most out of your program.

How it Works

After purchasing your Personalised Detox or Maintenance Meal Plan, you will be contacted by a member of the SBN Team to organise a consultation time with our in-house nutritionist at your earliest convenience.
During your consultation, our nutritionist will discuss your dietary needs and preferences – so she can tailor your plan to best suit you.
After consulting with our nutritionist, you will receive your digital Personalised Meal Plan via email within 3 business days. From here, you can follow your Detox or Maintenance Phase with ease and have something to guide you that is completely unique to you!

  • Receive professional guidance about how to adhere to the program
  • Alleviate the stress of counting calories and have an easy Maintenance journey
  • Suits those with dietary requirements or a busy lifestyle
  • Creates ease and convenience whilst on the Detox or Maintenance
  • Gives you the opportunity to have a tailored and personalised Detox experience
What You Get
  • Receive a 30-minute consultation with our in-house nutritionist
  •  Receive a detailed, customized digital meal plan that will be emailed to you upon completion