Naturopath Consultation – Detailed Consult

$120.00 60 minutes

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Naturopath Consultation - Detailed Consult 60 MIN with biochemistry analysis

Tailored to each individual, you can receive an in-depth consultation about how your body is processing and flowing. These consultations are great for women who are going through menopause, living with diabetes, have high blood pressure, or are experiencing any other health-related concern. Our in-house naturopath Glen, will guide you through each step and assist you in discovering the why’s and the how’s of your body.

Product Description

If you are someone who is in need of an in-depth and personalised analysis of your body, this consultation is perfect for you. Our in-house naturopath, Glen, will start with biochemistry testing to be able to give you the most in-depth consultation possible. You will receive a full report of your results as well as guidance in your consultation to show you how to combat the energy blockages in your body.


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What you get

You will receive an RBTI analysis and a 60-minute detailed consult with our in-house naturopath, Glen.

How it works

In this consultation, an RBTI analysis is included where you will get tested for Iridology, Biochemisty, Meridian Energy Balance and more. Glen integrates with the E Lybra system for distant healing where you can receive regular tuning to release emotional blocks, energy tears from EMF and toxic energy, over work, lack of sleep and excess stress.

An RBTI test can help to understand what is happening in your body on a biochemical level. When your body is out of balance in any way – whether it be spiritually, mentally, physically or emotionally – testing results will display this in a detailed report.

He starts most patients by testing their Urine and Saliva which is a fairly quick way to evaluate how the body is regulating its health. We can see if the body is getting good levels of energy from the air, digested food, water and lifestyle… or if it’s losing energy like a bucket with a hole in it – this surplus waste often creates energy blockages and toxic reactions that are disruptive to the innate natural healing process.

You will either be sent an RBTI analysis kit which can then be discussed via Skype, or you can come into our store to do the testing and consultation in person.

You are not alone

Every member of our staff has successfully completed the program. We are here to support you every step of the way. You can call us on 1800 787 628 or alternatively you can email us 24×7 we are here to help!

You have nothing to lose but the weight – So don’t delay get started now!