Body Slimming Detox – Maintenance Kit


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Product Description

Our Maintenance kit includes everything you need to successfully complete phase 3 Maintenance, which is essential for locking in weight loss and strengthening long term healthy habits! The last step is the most crucial phase, acting as the bridge between your detox and your new vibrant life! Maintenance allows for higher volume and more variety of delicious food. Maintenance is key for locking in your weight loss and detox results- the principles you learn here are something we recommend prioritising for life!

This kit is perfect for those who have purchased our SBN Starter Pack, 12-day trial kit with additional drops, or any other program/product that required the addition of a maintenance phase. 

What’s Included In This Bundle

Phase 3 Maintenance Drops: 

Possesses the same fat-burning and craving crushing benefits of Phase 1 and 2 drops (due to the Amino Acid ingredients), plus the addition of African Mango Seed, Hymnema, and Chromium to help promote satiety and to allow you to continue burning fat long after the detox phase is complete! 

Program guide: 

A complete guide outlining all food requirements as well as additional tips and tricks to help you experience even more success!

Unlimited support:

Unlimited FREE support from our Wellness Coach, Mindset Coach and Nutritionist, as well as access to our closed Facebook Community with over 1000+ Members. 

Benefits of This Bundle

-Lock in Weight Loss Results

-Re-Balance Metabolism

-Strengthen long term healthy habits and lifestyle changes


Phase 3 Maintenance drops: 

Purified Water, Ethanol, Colloidal Minerals plus Homeopathic Preparations of Green Tea 8x, 13x, 21x, Chromium Picolinate 8x, 13x, 21x, African Mango Seed 8x, 13x, 21x, Raspberry Ketones 8x, 13x, 21x, Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf 8x, 13x, 21x, L-Arginine 8x, 13x, 21x, L-Carnitine 8x, 13x, 21x, L-Ornithine 8x, 13x, 21x. Contains Homeopathic Ingredients and Ethanol 200mcl/ml



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