Head To Toe On The Go – 43 Day Patch Detox On The Go®


HEAD TO TOE ON THE GO – Your passage to wellness

Slim By Nature’s HEAD TO TOE program will pave the way to wellness in just 43 days. No matter how time-poor you are, no matter what your current shape, size, age or fitness level – if you’re looking to lose between 10-15kgs of fat, this program is ideal for you.

This program will supercharge your metabolism in just 43 days. Your body will detoxify, you will melt away unwanted fat and you will become educated about what types of foods affect YOUR body and how they do so. Your 43 days will guide you into the right direction of new-found energy, confidence, and positivity.

This guide is perfect for everyday women looking to enhance their shape and create healthy habits. If you are looking for more significant results and are in urgent need of losing fat for your health, click here to discover our CLEANSED 60 day program.

Product Description

Lose 7-10kg in 30 days, then lock in your weight loss using our Detox on the Go Program

Sick of feeling drained and being stuck in what seems like an endless cycle of negativity? We’ve worked with thousands of women who used to feel the same way and the most prevalent issue we see is feeling down about your body or health. What’s scary is how common this is – we understand how easy it is for a small period of negativity to transform into a vicious cycle of self-hatred.

In life, looks aren’t what defines a person, but there’s no denying that how you feel about your body can have a massive impact on your self-confidence. When women hate their bodies, you don’t feel good because you know you don’t look your personal best (NOT in comparison to other women!). You know you aren’t functioning at peak performance, and because of this, every other aspect of your life suffers; your social life, your work life, your love life, and your relationship with self! But because you feel so awful, you see no light at the end of the tunnel. You attempt quick-fix diets and when they fail miserably, you plummet even deeper into this self-hating void.




This new program is powerful, life changing, and available to you ON THE GO! One of the reasons many women end up in a position of losing themselves is simply because life gets in the way. Busy at work, building a career, raising kids, caring for a family – it all adds up and leaves you with no time to yourself.

We have created programs that will work around all of your excuses. No time? No problem. Can’t exercise? Don’t worry about it! With confidence and self-love in mind, Slim By Nature has created the DETOX ON THE GO, HEAD TO TOE and CLEANSED BODY DETOX.


Now, here’s the deal – you need to be ready! This is a program that requires effort and a bit of dedication… But once you commit whole-heartedly magic will happen and you can watch your body transform before your eyes! And once you commit, if you’re worried about keeping on track, don’t! You can rest assured that there is an entire community of women just like you, embarking on the same journey to health.

For the lovers of our ever-popular Detox Patches! Now you can get the complete 30 day weight loss program PLUS our new 21 day maintenance program all in patches! – It’s the ultimate 3 Step PATCH  Body Slimming Detox Program.

Using the only scientific mind and body process in the world this program is designed for women who want lose up to 10 kilos.

This program consists of 3 steps, the Loading Phase, the Detox Phase – (Burn Fat Fast), and the Maintenance Phase (lock in your weight loss).

This Detox is designed to:

– Burn your stubborn fat from your most problem areas, such as stomach, thighs, abdominal and back

– Detox your whole body

– Get rid of any sugar and carb addictions

Our Detox is created with all-natural ingredients where each ingredient is specially derived locally here in Australia and selected for its unique qualities. It is expertly formulated with all natural high-performing ingredients and designed for real results.


You’ve heard of our Ultimate Body Slimming Detoxes – this is why you’re here! You already know what we do, you know our approach, and you know that our products and programs work. So, what is the CLEANSED and the HEAD TO TOE program? And what is OTG?

To put it simply, DETOX ON THE GO, CLEANSED and HEAD TO TOE are the program names to describe the same program as our Ultimate Body Slimming Detoxes; but the difference is the product used – in this case, rather than Detox Drops, it’s Detox Patches.
OTG means On The Go – essentially, removing the excuse of being ‘time-poor’ because you have a constant supply of product via our patches.

So, are you ready to transform your body and confidence, and learn to become a happier you? Great! Keep reading below 😉


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What you get

You will receive
– 1 x packet (18 patches) of the Detox Patches that are designed for the first two steps of the program
– 1 x packet (6 patches) of the Maintenance Patches that are designed to lock in your weight loss and reset your metabolism
– 1 x packet of Inner Goodness Patches designed to promote recovery and strengthen the immune system
– 1 x Guide that will be emailed to you upon completion of the order
– 1 x Hard Copy Booklet
– Access to our closed FaceBook Community with over 2,500+ Members
– Unlimited FREE support form Wellness Coach, Mindset Coach and Nutritionist

How it works

This program is designed to burn fat fast whilst detoxifying your entire body and giving you a kickstart to a sustainable, healthier and happier lifestyle.

HEAD TO TOE consists of all three steps –




The first phase will allow you to spend a couple of days loading up your body with heaps of treats! This step is just as fun as it is important – so don’t skip it! LOADING is to prepare your body for the cleanse it is about to go through.

The second phase is the shredding phase. This is where you strip your fat and your habits right back to basics and teach your body about proper nutrition. This step will be further explained in your eGuide but it’s essentially where all the magic happens!

The third and final phase is the most crucial one. MAINTENANCE will lock in your fat-loss and show you how to implement your new habits into your new healthy lifestyle.


This program will transform your body in just 43 days. Your body will detoxify, you will melt away unwanted fat and you will become educated about what types of foods affect YOUR body and how they do so.

Using a scientifically proven formula, HEAD TO TOE will shed kilos of unwanted fat off your body, guide you to new eating habits, new self-care regimes and a new, positive mindset.

You will:

  • Burn stubborn fat
  • Detox your body from toxins and negative energy
  • Learn to curb sugar cravings
  • Lock in the weight you have lost
  • Reset your metabolism

Our Body Slimming Detox Patches contain super ingredients such as:

Unique blend of colloidal minerals, as well as homeopathic preparations of:
Fenugreek Seeds – High fibre content appetite suppressant. Blood sugar balance. Sphaeranthus indicus. Garcinia mangostana fruit. Green tea extract. Chamomile. Moringa. Turmeric. L-Arginine. L-Glutamine. L-Carnitine.

All our products are made in Australia in a HACCP certified facility.