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Forget Sag and Bag! Tighten Up! Build the Muscle! Sleep Better!  Stop Snoring! Speed up your metabolism! Lose weight and it’s all while your sleep!

Try this healthy alternative to Hot Chocolate before bed!!*

Formula Z Subscription is now available with a massive 25% discount off regular price! 

Formula Z Subscription.  Why subscribe?  Zero Risk – cancel at any time.

Formula Z has proven to be one of our most popular products.  Formula Z can be taken by anyone to improve their metabolism and improve sleep quality.   Typically taken from week 3 of our Body Slimming Detox Program, it usually results in significant weight loss bump that really helps you speed towards your ultimate target.    Unlike our other Detox products, Formula Z can be taken continuously to help maintain your health.   A Formula Z Subscription is a great way to save on regular deliveries to ensure that you don’t run out of stock.

Cancel at any time?  – Zero Risk

Yes, you can cancel at anytime!  However you won’t experience the benefit of the 25% discount until the second delivery is processed.

About Formula Z

Formula Z assists the body’s natural metabolism, development and maintenance of healthy organs and tissues.  As we age, natural levels of certain hormone decrease, contributing to lowered metabolism and increased fat stores.

This specific combination of amino acids and nutrients are aimed at stimulating and enhancing the endogenous production of natural hormones, therefore assisting in muscle repair, mass maintenance and weight management.

The Organic pea protein, is the backbone of this product, supplying  a full amino acid profile, for supporting both hormone production and muscle mass maintenance and growth.

The performance enhancing amino acid arginine , especially when combined with the energy producing cofactor, pyroglutamate, together with the  absorption enhancing lysine and the various amino acids available from the Organic Pea Protein, all act synergistically to help enhance naturally occurring hormone production.  Arginine and pyroglutamate are only form that will cross brain barrier while your sleep. It helps you with better sleep, while your body is getting

Additional ingredients:

All Natural Ingredients!  Folic acid aids metabolism, DNA repair and nitric oxide production, an important vasodilator required for performance enhancement.  Hesperidin, ascorbic acid and wild rosella exert their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to support cardiovascular and circulatory health.

Easily absorbable forms of magnesium help improve muscular function and recovery, collaborating with added milk minerals and potassium to help prevent pH imbalance and promote bone health.

Soothing liquorice root helps protects the integrity of the gastrointestinal tract.

This product is sweetened naturally with prebiotic rich Ultrasweet and natural tropical fruit powders.

Enjoy your Sleep!!


*FormulaZ tastes nothing like Hot Chocolate, but it is better for you and is the perfect nightcap for a good nights sleep..


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