Privacy Policy

At Slim By Nature (www.slimbynature.com.au), we understand that losing weight often accompanies working through difficult emotions, and is therefore a very private journey. We hold the privacy of your personal information provided to us during your visit and interaction with this website in highest regards.

Slim By Nature abides by the National Privacy Principles established under the Australian Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act, 2001.

The following policy of privacy discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for this website, and demonstrates our firm and continuing commitment to the privacy of your personal information.

Please thoroughly read this privacy policy before using the website or submitting any personal information.

A Special Note about Children

Children ARE NOT eligible to use our services unsupervised. Furthermore, children and minors (under the age of 18) are urged not to submit any personal information to us.

If you are a minor, you can use this service only in conjunction with permission and guidance from your parents or guardians.


By using this website, you are accepting the practices described in this policy of privacy.  Slim By Nature reserves the right to change these practices either due to innovation in digital technologies, newer regulations, and business practices; any change will be posted, and will become applicable to all activities following the date of change.

Users are urged to thoroughly review the privacy policy, and ask any questions, so that they understand how their personal information will be used.

At Slim By Nature we recognize the importance of protecting your privacy and hence the need for transparency in our procedures. The following policy of privacy is directed at clarifying all the methods employed by Slim By Nature webmasters in collecting, safeguarding, categorizing, and using information from you for the sole sake of tailoring our website to better meet your needs and create a more engaging and user-friendly surfing experience.

Collection of Information

Interaction with our website involves collection of two types of information:

  1. Website use information
  2. Personal information

Web Site Use Information

How customers are using our website is an important performance index for our webmasters (website administrators). It allows them to make using www.slimbynature.com.au and www.slimbynature.com.au a more user-friendly and engaging experience.

Similar to other commercial websites, Slim By Nature relies on collecting information such as date and time of visit, pages viewed, time spent per page, total time spent on our website, and websites visited just prior to and after our website. This information is automatically collected on an aggregate basis.

For further information about our collection practices see section “How Do We Collect Information” below.

Personal Information

This information is collected on an individual basis and only through your consent.  It includes the following:

  • Name
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Credit card number
  • Name on credit card
  • Credit card billing address
  • Business and/or home contact numbers

Some or all of them may be required during the following circumstances:

You are Registering at Slim By Nature

You are required to provide personal information when you are registering for any of our products, services, or newsletter.

You Are Corresponding With Us through Email

You are required to provide your email address when you correspond with us through our contact form. This is necessary so that we may reply to your query.

If you decide to correspond with us via email, our authorised staff members, on behalf of Slim By Nature, reserve the right to retain the content of our correspondences with customers. This requires that we retain your email address for the sake of categorizing our correspondence record. Rest assured that that none of this information will be shared, sold, or leased, with any third parties nor any unauthorized Slim By Nature personnel. For further information, see Sharing and Selling Information below.

You are making a purchase through Credit Card

If you choose to purchase any of our products online, you will be asked to provide credit card information for authorization purposes. This information will allow us to verify and charge your credit card prior to shipping your order.

How We Collect Information

Slim By Nature collects personal information with your consent only, whereas information related to website usage is collected both on aggregate basis and on individual basis through the use of cookies.

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text document that stores information about how you have used a website, and informs us when you next visit the site. It is a reliable piece of data that cannot contain or transmit viruses or malware, nor can it access or retrieve any other data from your hard drive.

When you visit a website (e.g. www.slimbynature.com.au), our servers automatically generates a cookie, assigns it a unique identifier, and sends a request for permission to store it in your computer. This is a normal procedure used by most of the website on the internet; therefore, browsers are usually set to accept these cookies.

It is a standard practice for websites to send a unique cookie to your browser, and a standard browser setting to accept certified cookies. Furthermore, your browser limits how a website may interact with cookies by limiting its access only to the cookies it has already sent you, and not the cookies stored on your hard drive by other websites you visit.

If you prefer not to receive cookies, you may do so by changing the settings of your browser to refuse cookies sent from a website. This, however, may affect your interaction with our website and prevent parts of our website from properly functioning on your browser.

If your browser preferences have allowed it, our cookie will be stored on your computer. As a result, it lets our webmasters keep track of how users are engaging with our website.

For further information on how we use cookies see next section.

How We Use Information

In general, all the information we collect from our visitors and customers is used for better administrating our website. This includes the following:

  • Securely processing your payments and providing your requested products and services
  • Monitoring the use of our website and its services for the sole purpose of better tailoring it to meet your needs by making it more user-friendly and engaging by customizing our website’s layout, and content, and upgrading any security lapses
  • Monitoring the effect of our marketing and promotional efforts for the sole purpose of improving our content and service offers
  • For legal purposes (see below)

This information may also be used to notify you about important changes to our website after your consent. These notifications may include special offers, policy changes, and new services. You can unsubscribe from our emailing list at anytime by using the unsubscribe link provided in each email.

How Do We Use Information We Collect from Cookies?

As you visit and browse our website, cookies help us differentiate you from other users. In some cases, we also use cookies to prevent you from having to log in more than is necessary for security.

Cookies do not allow us to gather any personal information about you and we do not intentionally store any personal information that your browser provided to us in your cookies.

Cookies, allow us to count the aggregate traffic our webpages individually receive each day and hence allow us to know which parts of our website are the most popular.

Surveys & Contests

Slim By Nature offers contests and surveys for our users for the sake of engaging our customers and collecting feedback from our visitors and customers. These surveys and contests require users to disclose basic personal information (Name, contact information, and demographic information). Participation in these contests and surveys is voluntary and will only be used to aid our webmasters, customer support staff, and R&D staff in improving our website, our services, and our products respectively. Furthermore, information collected during contests is solely meant for the sake of notifying participants about rules, and of course, for awarding prizes and contacting contest winners.

IP Addresses

Your IP address is a number assigned to your computer by your service provider when it connects you to the internet. It is like your computers online ID and identifies it in the online world. Your IP address is automatically collected by our web server as part of our traffic data collection. This lets us know the country from which you are using our website and hence allows our servers to automatically direct you to the server nearest your location. This significantly reduces website loading time.

How Can You Access and Correct Your Information?

You may request access to all your personally identifiable information that we collect online and maintain in our database by emailing us at the usual address.

Opt-In and Opt-Out

This site allows visitors to unsubscribe so that they will not receive future messages. After unsubscribing, we will discontinue sending the particular messages as soon as technically feasible.

Sharing Information

Your information is shared only to the extent required to make processing a transaction possible or to deliver the services you have requested.

Slim By Nature does not share any information that will identify our unique visitor or subscriber to any third party. Except authorized webmasters, none of the staff members at Slim By Nature have access to this classified information.

None of your personal or business information is shared with any third party except if required by law. However, our collected information may be shared with others on an aggregate basis i.e. in terms of categories such as clicks per country, business niche, highest traffic hours, etc.

Legally Compelled Disclosure

Slim By Nature may disclose information, in good faith, and when legally compelled to do so, for the sake of protecting either our legal rights, or to protect the safety of our users and the Public at large.

This means that Slim By Nature may disclose classified personal information when we believe that it will aid the law in protecting our legal rights, or may allow the identification of people violating our terms of service.


Other Web Sites Linked through from Slim By Nature

We extend responsibility for any unprofessional behaviour and any reported malpractice to our domain only i.e. www.slimbynature.com.au, www.slimbynature.com.au and its associated webpages. Any links from Slim By Nature to other websites are shared for the sole purpose of directing user towards useful information. Though these links are shared in good faith and only for the aid of our users and customers, Slim By Nature takes no responsibility for the content contained on those websites or the practices employed.

Any link to another website takes users away from the online jurisdiction of our Privacy Policy. Users are urged to review the rules and policies of the linked website before sharing any information.

Acquisition/Changes in Ownership

In the unlikely event that Slim By Nature or a substantial amount of its assets are acquired by another entity or business, your information (as part of our digital assets) would also be transferred as part of the acquisition.

Policy Modifications

Slim By Nature reserves the right to change or amend this Privacy Policy whenever deemed necessary. If/when changes are made to this privacy policy, Slim By Nature will publically announce the changes on its News and Events Section as well as email users who have subscribed to our emailing list.

Rest assured that any and all information submitted to us under the current policy, will not be used in any way that is materially inconsistent with the changes brought by the new policy. Furthermore, if such a change is necessary, it will not be employed to your information without prior consent.