Transdermal Patches



Do you ever run out of the house in the morning and get halfway to work before realising you forgot your drops? Or do you find yourself too preoccupied with family, extracurricular activities or general life that you constantly forget to take your drops 20 minutes before a meal? Worry no more; our Transdermal Detox patches are the perfect alternative!


Transdermal patches are both convenient and highly effective. Transdermal patches provide a consistent delivery of small amounts of ingredients into the body, which bypass the digestive tract and absorb directly into the bloodstream! All of our Slim By Nature Detox Programs (from 26 days to 60, Original to Active) have a patch option! We also have Inner Goodness Lymphatic Patches, and Immunity by Nature Patches. 


What are Transdermal Patches?

The use of adhesive skin patches to deliver therapeutic ingredients throughout the body began over 40 years ago. The first adhesive transdermal delivery system (TDDS) patch was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1979 (scopolamine patch for motion sickness). Interestingly, Medicated plasters (which were generally applied to the skin for local conditions), can be traced back to Ancient China around 2000 BC. 

Currently, several common medications are widely and successfully used, including methimazole (to treat hyperthyroidism), amitriptyline (to manage behavioral issues and provide pain relief), fentanyl (for pain relief), and several heartworm, flea, and tick preventive transdermal patches also exist.

At Slim By Nature, our Transdermal patches are made of non-allergenic bandages that are layered with our targeted ingredients and a non-allergenic adhesive layer.  

They are designed to be practical: they are small, skin coloured, comfortable, and discrete! Each Slim By Nature Patch (whether they are Detox Patches, Maintenance Patches, Inner Goodness Patches or Immunity By Nature Patches) are to be left on the skin for 7 days before they need to be removed and replaced.


How do Transdermal Patches work?

When placed on the skin, targeted ingredients are delivered straight into the bloodstream; it has been reported that it takes approximately 26 seconds for products we place on our skin to absorb into our bloodstream. The ingredients initially penetrate through the stratum corneum and then pass through the deeper epidermis and dermis, avoiding accumulation in the dermal layer. When the ingredients reach the dermal layer, they become available for systemic absorption via the dermal microcirculation into the bloodstream, where they can then be sent to organs and tissues around the body to exert their effects.

Transdermal patches therefore avoid the need to be absorbed via the gut, making them highly bioavailable, effective, and convenient! 


How to Apply Transdermal Patches:

Transdermal Patches are very easy to use, and once applied to the skin, you can forget about them for 7 days before needing to remove your patch and replace it! 

Begin by finding an appropriate section of skin to place your patch on. We recommend either on your belly, wrist, shoulder blade, upper arm, outer thigh, or under your breast; the choice is yours depending which location you find the most convenient. Once you have chosen an area of skin, ensure that it is dry and free from dirt, sweat, oil, hair, moisturiser, tanning lotion, powder, and makeup. Stick and leave for 7 days before repeating the process again! Then simply peel the protective layer off your patch, apply, and press firmly into your skin. For additional adhesiveness you may place a waterproof bandage over the top of your patch. If your patch falls off (for example in the bath), it can be reapplied and worn for the remainder of the 7 days. Please ensure the skin is clean and dry when reapplying. After 7 days, remove and discard your patch. If applicable, repeat the process with one new patch on the opposite side of the body.


5 Reasons you should use Transdermal patches.

Wondering what the benefits of using transdermal patches are? Below we’ve listed our 5 top reasons to love this amazing method for enhancing your health and wellbeing!

(1) Convenient and easy to use:

Simply peel, stick and leave for 7 days before repeating the process again!

(2) Consistent delivery:

Natural ingredients are slowly delivered to produce consistent benefits! 

(3) Highly bioavailable:

Transdermal patches are designed to bypass the digestive tract and liver to instead absorb directly into the bloodstream. This avoids the first-pass effect of metabolism associated with the oral route, allowing transdermal administration to support improved bioavailability.

(4) Easy on the gut:

Ingredients are delivered into the bloodstream via the skin, avoiding the gut (as explained above). Transdermal patches are therefore ideal for those with sensitive stomachs, digestive issues or absorption challenges. 

(5) 100% natural:

Our ingredients are all natural (amino acids, nutrients, homeopathic remedies or herbal medicine), Australian designed and manufactured, cruelty free, hypoallergenic and free from: fillers, latex, lactose, gluten and sugar.


Which SBN Products and Programs use Transdermal Patches?

We have a number of Transdermal Patch options here at Slim By Nature!

Detox Programs:

All of our Detox programs are available with either detox drops or detox patches! Our programs are designed to promote rapid and lasting weight loss and enhance detoxification and elimination channels for a truly holistic detox! This may in turn produce an array of amazing secondary benefits, such as enhanced energy, glowing skin, happier moods, improved digestion, sounder sleep, and much much more! Our Slim By Nature Programs available with Detox Patches include all Active Programs with Active Detox Patches, as well as all of our Original Body Slimming Detox Programs, which includes 30- Day Detox on the Go, 43-day Head to Toe on the Go, and 60-day Cleansed Body Detox. We also have our Busy Bee Detox, which includes both Detox drops and detox patches, as well as our 12-day Trial Kit.


Inner Goodness Lymphatic Patches:

Our Inner Goodness Lymphatic Patches contain a tailored blend of homeopathic remedies, herbs, vitamins and minerals that work synergistically to support healthy lymphatic flow, which in turn supports waste elimination, balances the immune system, boosts metabolic rate, and reduces swelling, puffiness and inflammation. This patch works to balance fluids and release excess fluid and inflammation that the body is holding onto, without producing a diuretic effect (meaning it won’t increase your production of urine)! 


Immunity By Nature:

Our Immunity by Nature patches contain a blend of natural immune-boosting, vitamins and minerals in a convenient patch formulation! By providing your body with key nutrients known for their ability to enhance immune function and regulate immune cells, IMMUNITY BY NATURE helps your body combat the common cold, flu symptoms, and other infections.



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