The Process Behind SBN Detoxes


The Process Behind SBN Detoxes:

Here at SBN, we believe that health is true beauty, and are all about combining science with nature to empower women and produce truly uplifting, sustainable results! Our detoxes have been expertly designed to promote not only rapid and lasting results, but also an abundance of additional positive outcomes! Many women in our SBN family praise our detox for finally shifting the weight, but for also helping them achieve glowing and clear skin, significantly higher energy levels, enhanced digestion, and abundant feelings of happiness! On top of these physical and mental benefits, it is incredibly common for women to observe a positive shift in their mindset and relationship with food as they feel more grounded and aware of which foods their bodies thrive off. Participants are able to regain a deep emotional clarity and understanding as they learn to love fuelling their bodies with whole foods! These wonderful changes are what allow our community to experience truly holistic health and happiness for life! 

Each SBN Detox follows 3 simple yet essential phases; each step is paramount to ensure a holistic detox with sustained results and habit changes. 

Phase 1 Loading: 

Phase 1 Loading lasts for two days and is a time when you can eat whatever you please. Loading really only involves 1 rule: begin using your detox drops or wearing your detox patches. As long as you are taking your drops 3 times a day- or you have placed your first patch on an approved area of the body- there isn’t too much else to worry about during Phase 1 loading! 

Goals of Phase 1 Loading:

The Loading Phase has been designed to prepare your body, mind and pantry for the Detox Phase that is to come. During the loading phase you are able to eat a range of foods; some higher in carbs, some higher in fat, some healthy and some less so. This 2 day period of increased food intake (you may decide to eat drastically more or only just more than you will be on phase 2- either option is appropriate!) has been designed to prepare the body for a successful detox by:  

-Stimulating higher metabolic rate

-Bolster glycogen energy storage (to help support the body’s needs during P2 detox)

-Stimulating digestive and liver functions (by adding to their load). 

-Allowing the body time to absorb the ingredients in the Drops before embarking upon the Detox Phase of the program (and therefore beginning to stimulate fat burning, enhanced elimination, and hunger/craving management).


Weight gain during Phase 1 Loading:

It is also important to remember that if you gain weight after the two days of loading, it isn’t necessarily fat, and is more likely to instead be one of the following factors:

-Increased food sitting in your body waiting to pass through your system. This adds significant weight to the scales, without adding any additional mass to your fat storage. 

-Water: Since all food contains water, your body will likely be hanging onto more water during periods of increased food intake

-Glycogen stores: This is our form of stored energy- the body stores the glucose that we consume from food, threfore the more food we eat, the more glycogen we will have adding up on the scales. This will further increase water weight, as every molecule of glycogen holds 3 water molecules.

-Inflamamtion/gas: If the body is unable to digest the volume of food we are intaking, it is likely going to sit in the digestive tract for longer then desired and ferment, which produces inflammation and gas. 

Phase 2 Detox and Fat Burning: 

Phase 2 Detox and Fat Burning lasts for 26, 43 or 60 days, and is the phase where the majority of peoples results are produced. It is essential that this phase lasts for at least 26 days to allow the body time to properly detoxify and heal. During this period, an expertly tailored food plan is followed, and detox drops/patches must be used. 

There are a number of key factors that ensure the success of Phase 2 Detox and Fat Burning, many of which may not be initially obvious to everyone playing along at home. We wanted to take this opportunity to define the science and processes behind our Phase 2 Detox and Fat Burning.

Why we focus on Vegetables, Protein, Fruit and carb snacks:

Our programs have been designed with a whole food focus to help ensure the minimum energy and nutrient needs for healthy detoxification and fat burning process. Our tailored food plan also avoids the consumption of dietary fats (both processed and healthy). This is by design: although healthy fats are beneficial to the body, a period of low-fat eating helps to assist detoxification processes. In order for dietary fat to be sufficiently digested (even healthy fat) the liver must work to produce and release bile. By avoiding fats during a detox, we are able to reduce the liver’s workload and therefore promote healing and toxin release. 

Why we don’t combine more than 1 Protein or 1 Vegetable source on a detox:

Our programs have been designed to not only stimulate weight loss, but also promote healthy digestion and enhanced detoxification processes (particularly via the liver). Therefore, to help reduce the load on the digestive tract and allow for a truly holistic detox, each meal includes only one type of vegetable and one type of protein, and you must alternate the two proteins and vegetables you have in one day (for example; chicken and pumpkin at lunch then shrimp and zucchini at dinner). This way of eating also allows us to better connect with our bodies and understand how we respond to certain foods. For example, if you feel bloated or tired after a meal, it is easier to see patterns that indicate which foods our bodies are reacting to. 

Phase 3 Maintenance: 

Our essential Phase 3 Maintenance lasts for 21 days and has been designed to help lock in results and habit changes by readjusting hormones and metabolism. This is done by slowly increasing food portions, and also slowly reintroducing healthy fat sources. 

Why food portions are increased:

Providing a small energy surplus may help to rebalance the body back to a pre-detox metabolic rate (or higher) by slowly restoring circulating hormone levels and energy expenditure. This process, in turn, also works to avoid/reduce weight gain usually associated with finishing a diet. 

Why healthy fat sources are added:

Healthy fats play many important roles in our body, and are a key component of a long term, well-rounded diet. Fat is needed to form membranes of all cells in our bodies, and are therefore essential for healthy hair, skin, nails, organs (such as the heart), neurone, mental health, hormone balance, digestion, and much much more!! Therefore, healthy fat sources are reintroduced during Phase 3 Maintenance. Another key benefit of adding in healthy fats, particularly nuts and seeds, is their ability to positively impact our gut microbiome and metabolism. Research shows that those who regularly consume high-quality nuts and seeds burn more calories than those that they ingest and have significantly lower body weights. 

We often have women and men wondering the exact reasons for the specific designs of our programs, so we are pleased to shed some light through this blog. Remember: ‘Knowledge is Power’ -Francis Bacon, but also ‘Knowledge isn’t Power until its applied’ -Dale Carnegie. 

Our hope is that you take this knowledge and use it as your power throughout your detox journey to enhance the experience, strengthen your connection to the process, and to also see even more optimal results!