Steak Day! What is it and how does it work?


Today we’ll bring you up to speed on Steak Day! What is it? When and how do you use it?

Steak Day is especially effective to counteract weight gain of 1+ kilos when used properly during Phase 3. Dr. ATW Simeons, creator of the SBN weight loss theory and the original program, used the Steak Day himself to reverse weight gains. Many SBN dieters have used Steak Day to stabilise their weight and keep to their goal achievement.

When is Steak Day most effective? During Phase 3 your body is learning to maintain your new weight, without the Slim By Nature SBN Drops and with your new eating habits. You are consuming proteins and vegetables, both low-calorie sources of nutrients that are slow-digesting, offering longer satisfaction after the meal. You are strictly avoiding starches and sugars! Check labels because manufacturers sometimes sneak in sugar for taste.

As with any project, things can take a turn away from your goal – and you need to take action! If either of the following occurs you may want to recover your progress with a Steak Day. But Steak Day may not yield the same results at other times.

  • The day you record a 1+ gain over your recorded weight at the end of Phase 2.
  • The day after you over-consume your Phase 3 eating plan.

On Steak Day

  • Don’t eat during the day, but do drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Eat a large steak for your evening dinner – and enjoy it!
  • Later that evening eat either an apple or a tomato
  • This routine often results in immediate weight loss – if it follows an over-eating day, or is the same day you’ve registered a 1+ kilo gain. Your steak should be well-marbled, the finest grade available. Organic steaks are often not graded, but you should see the fats marbled into the meat.

Why does it work?

  • The Slim By Nature SBN Drops program you’ve completed has helped re-balance your system – but if you’ve gained 1+ kilo then something is off. Starch, sugar? By not eating during the day while drinking water, you allow whatever it is to clear your system.
  • Eating just the steak in the evening makes this a low-calorie day, with a slow-digesting protein.
  • Eating an apple or tomato several hours later – a high-fiber, slow-digesting treat – helps keep your system moving and ready for your normal eating plan for the next day.

Steak Day used wisely can be an invaluable aid to stabilizing your goal weight during Phase 3! Stick closely to the Slim By Nature program and enjoy a brighter, slimmer you!

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