Is it Fat or Fluid?


Is it Fat or Fluid?


Have you ever found yourself feeling as though you exist in a body slightly larger than you did previously, and wondering exactly what’s changed? Lifestyle factors, diet, movement, stress levels, medication, mental health, and so many other factors can contribute to how we feel in our skin. These factors (and many more) also contribute to the underlying cause is of why the number on the scale has gone up. Although it can certainly be due to additional fat storage, increased fluid retention could just as likely be at play.  


What’s the Cause of My Weight Gain?

There are a large variety of factors that may be influencing the weight on your scale. It is SO IMPORTANT to remember this, especially if you find yourself feeling down if you see a larger number (which is an incredibly common reaction, particularly for us women). Our scales do not purely measure fat. The number that it spit back to us is an accumulation of fat, fluid, muscle, bone, organs, other tissue, and even factors such as inflammation levels, hormone fluctuations, gas, stool (yes, if you haven’t been passing ideal stools, or haven’t gone in a few days, this will be sitting in your system and significantly adding to the number on your scales), stored energy, and water. As you can imagine, some of these factors are incredibly fluid and tend to fluctuate on a regular basis, particularly stool, water, and gas, all factors which can mask our true weight. So, some weight gain is not technically ‘weight gain’, it may just be an accumulation of food or water that you have consumed over the past few days that hasn’t moved through your system yet, so do not stress about your ‘weight’. In these situations, we highly recommend reading our blog ‘10 Tips To Stimulate Bowel Movements’ to help get your gut functioning optimally and regularly!


What Happens When We Gain Fat and Fluid?

When the body gains fat, our adipocytes (fat cells) become larger, whereas when the body gains water weight, extra water is stored in the tissue or between blood vessels. It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference, and it is unfortunately common for us humans (particularly women) to assume the worst and assume we have gained fat when water retention is extremely common! A large range of factors can cause water retention, which includes dehydration, consuming high amounts of sodium or carbohydrates, lifestyle, hormones, medication, or even the weather. 


How Do I Know If It’s Fat Or Fluid?

The following 4 questions below will help to determine if it’s likely fat or water (it may be both): The great news is that SBN is here to help you feel like your most radiant self either way!


Is it Fat or Fluid?

1. Are your extremities swollen?

I.e. wrists, ankles, fingers? Have you noticed that your rings are slightly tighter than usual, or that your socks are tight around the ankles? If so, this is a sign of water retention. 

2. If you press on your skin, does the indentation stays there for a couple of seconds?

If yes, this is a sign you have water weight.

3. Have you gained weight over a short amount of time?

If yes, this is likely water weight, as it takes longer for fat to register on the scale. To gain just one kg of fat would require one to eat approximately 1,500 calories more than needed.

4. Is your stomach swollen and bloated, especially after meals?

If yes, this is another likely sign of water weight and inflammation. One meal cannot make you gain weight right away, but it definitely can make you bloated and swollen. 


If you answered Yes to the majority of the questions above, it’s likely fluid retention. If you answered No, then it may be additional fat storage. Either way, we’re here to help you rebalance and thrive in your body!


Flushing Water Weight With Inner Goodness Lymphatic Patches:

Our Inner Goodness patches contain a tailored blend of homeopathic remedies, herbs, vitamins and minerals that work synergistically to support healthy lymphatic flow, which in turn supports waste elimination, balances the immune system, boosts metabolic rate and reduces swelling, puffiness and inflammation. This patch works to balance fluids and release excess fluid and inflammation that the body is holding onto, without producing a diuretic effect (meaning it won’t increase your production of urine)! 


Inflammatory products and toxic fluids may be trapped in a range of systems within our bodies– including your brain, back, organs, legs or any other tissue. Release the build-up of these fluids to also support the removal of inflammation, oedema and negativity that your body is unnecessarily holding onto, and instead gain happiness and balance – because health is true beauty. Through your inner transformation, the outer-you will begin to feel more confident, energetic, happy and glowing. You will begin to radiate the health that your inner-being is feeling. 

*Note: this information is not exhaustive and we recommend consulting a GP if you are experiencing concerning fluid retention


Losing Fat and Detoxifying with SBN Detox Programs:

Our SBN Detox programs have been designed to not only produce rapid and lasting fat loss results but also help optimise the body in a range of other ways. Many women report that they have been able to improve their sleep, digestion, energy, moods and much more as a result of completing our holistic detox programs! Research also shows additional powerful benefits of such detox programs, including reduced chronic health disease risk and increased life span (and healthspan). Every program involves an easy to follow a wholesome food plan, the use of detox drops or patches (to stimulate burning, regulate cravings, remove waste, and support detoxification of the liver), and access to our supportive Facebook community and our team of nutritionists. We recommend completing our QUIZ to help determine the detox best suited to you! Which SBN Detox Program is right for you?

BONUS TIPS- How to move your Lymphatic fluid:

The Lymphatic system is an essential component of fluid balance, toxin removal and more- it functions to eliminate excess wastes, water, byproducts, toxic compounds and more. Stress, diet, sitting too much, lack of activity, injuries and poor posture all contribute to a sluggish lymphatic system. The lymph system is found under the skin throughout the entire body and support circulation, immunity and help the body flush of toxins, however, there is no pump to keep the lymphatic system flowing and healthy (just as the heart pumps the blood). This is why it is so essential to prioritise healthy diet and lifestyle choices that support this essential system. Some tips to help stimulate lymphatic flow and therefore help to balance fluid, inflammation, toxin removal and more, include:

-Exercise: This is one of the only ways to actually get the lymphatic system moving as the muscles contracting/relaxing cause a pump-like action within the lymphatic system, which otherwise doesn’t have a pump to help it move.
-Diet: Avoid dairy, gluten and highly processed foods as these are all known to clog the lymphatic system.
-Inner Goodness: These lymphatic patches contain targeted herbal and homeopathic ingredients that are well known for enhancing lymphatic flow and helping to reduce water retention, puffiness, and more!
-Fibre: Ensure you’re eating enough fibre so that any of the waste and fluids will be properly excreted and not recycled in your body. If not efficiently eliminated, excess water, toxins and inflammatory byproducts can cause oedema and lead people to feel ‘puffy’ and generally ‘off’.
-Herbs: Echinacea and Calendula are our two lymphatic stimulating western herbs. You can find each in a tea form at health food stores, and potentially also supermarkets and pharmacies.
-Manual movement: Dry skin brushing or lymphatic massage also help to move the lymphatic system. These are very gentle touch movements- since the lymphatic system sits superficial to our blood and just below our skin, any touch that’s too firm may slow it down.

Now that you have a better understanding of the changes in your body, you can feel confident that you have the tools at your disposal to make any positive change you desire! Whether you have water weight you’d like to flush and rebalance, or fat that you wish to lose, SBN has an option for you!