Inner Goodness Lymphatic Patches- How they work and their amazing benefits.


Inner Goodness Lymphatic Patches-

How they work and their amazing benefits. 


Do you ever suffer from low energy, brain fog, fluid retention, puffiness, cellulite, frequent illness/ infections, eczema, poor skin quality, or digestive issues? These are all common signs of a sluggish lymphatic system, which is exactly what our SBN Inner Goodness Lymphatic patches target!!


These all-natural, hypo-allergenic, evidence-based patches contain a tailored blend of homeopathic remedies, herbs, vitamins and minerals that work synergistically to support healthy lymphatic flow, which supports a range of bodily systems and eases an even larger range of symptoms. These patches may be used in conjunction with an SBN detox program to support results and boost overall health, or autonomously ongoing! 


Let’s begin by first learning a little bit about the lymphatic system.. 


What is the Lymphatic System?

The Lymphatic System is the least understood and most undervalued of all the body systems. However, if it stopped working, we would likely survive no more than 24-48 hours.

The lymphatic system is a network of delicate vessels, tubes, tissues and organs that extends throughout the body. It sits just below the skin and works to drain a colourless, watery fluid called lymph that has leaked from the blood vessels into the tissues. The lymphatic system collects approximately 3 litres of fluid daily (which has seeped through blood capillaries into the body’s tissues) and moves it along until it’s ultimately returned to the bloodstream.


Functions of the Lymphatic System:

The 4 main functions of the lymphatic system are; protecting the body from illness-causing invaders, maintaining body fluid levels, absorbing digestive tract fats and removing cellular waste. All of these key functions link to other essential processes in the body, and explain the long list of potential symptoms and presentations that may occur as a result of a compromised lymphatic system (for example, if dietary fats are not effectively absorbed, neither are fat-soluble vitamins, which both play large roles in the management of all our hormones, skin cells, brain function, and even our immune system). Stress, diet, sitting too much, lack of activity, injuries, and poor posture all contribute to a sluggish lymphatic system. There is no pump to keep the lymphatic system flowing and healthy (just as the heart pumps the blood). This is why it is so essential to prioritise healthy diet and lifestyle choices that support this essential system. 


Now that we have a better understanding of the lymphatic system (which SBN Inner Goodness Lymphatic patches work to improve), let’s learn more about the patches themselves and the amazing ingredients that go into them…


How do Transdermal Patches work?

Transdermal patches are both convenient and highly effective! Transdermal patches provide a consistent delivery of small amounts of ingredients into the body, which bypass the digestive tract and absorb directly into the bloodstream. Research shows that ​​transdermal patch ingredients initially penetrate through the stratum corneum and then through the deeper epidermis and dermis, where it becomes available for systemic absorption via dermal microcirculation. 


If you want to learn more about transdermal patches, we recommend reading our blog ‘Transdermal Patches’ 


Inner Goodness Ingredients and their Amazing Benefits: 

SBN Inner Goodness Lymphatic patches contain a range of homeopathic nutrients and herbal remedies. Homeopathic medicines work to stimulate the body’s internal healing processes with highly diluted natural constituents, rather than providing a therapeutic dose. 


SBN Inner Goodness Lymphatic patches contain a range of highly effective homeopathic remedies that are known to specifically target the lymphatic system. This includes one of our hero ingredients, Galium Heel, which produces a deep, whole body detoxification by effectively removing underlying toxins. As a result, Gallium heel is beneficial for oedema and swelling, acne, obesity, cysts, and immune function. 


Scrophularia nodosa, also known as figwort, also works to promote whole body detoxification and to reduce inflammation. It is known for improving metabolism, treating skin conditions, and easing swelling and swollen lymph nodes. Lymphomyosot (Aranea diadema) is also known for reducing swelling and oedema by supporting the lymphatic system, as well as being used to aid weight loss and treat skin conditions such as acne and eczema. 


Lymphomyosot – Aranea diadema assists with general detoxification and can assist with weight loss. It is known to reduce swelling (oedema) and assist with lymphatic conditions. Additionally, it is used to treat skin conditions such as acne and eczema. 


Geranium robertianum and Veronica officinalis are also well known for increasing metabolism via the lymphatic system. Due to this array of desirable ingredients and properties, our wonderful SBN Inner Goodness Lymphatic patches are perfect for a large range of people, including those who can’t seem to lose stubborn fat, have tried ‘fad diets’ and have struggled to see results, or who experience fluid retention, compromised immune function, pain, and even skin challenges! .


Benefits of Inner Goodness:

By now you’re probably well aware of the large range of amazing benefits that our all-natural SBN Inner Goodness Lymphatic patches can produce!! Just in case you want to see it again, we’ve included a list below!

-Promote healthy lymphatic flow

-Support elimination channels and deep toxin removal

-Support fat burning 

-Reduce swelling and oedema

-Support the removal of inflammatory byproducts, toxins and excess fluids

-Strengthens the immune system

-Reduces damaging oxidative stress within the body

-Boosts skin health (treats eczema, cellulite, and overall low skin quality). 

-Aids digestion 


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