Ear Seeds- The traditional ear acupressure that can boost moods, sleep, weight loss, and ease pain. 


Ear Seeds.

The traditional ear acupressure that can boost moods, sleep, weight loss, and ease pain. 


Ear Seeds, also known as auriculotherapy or ear acupuncture, is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice that dates back thousands of years. 


Auriculotherapy involves the application of slow, long term pressure to particular acupressure points of the ear, which in turn targets certain systems of the body. The ear contains 200+ acupressure points that stimulate nerve endings which communicate with the reflex centres of the brain. These neurological pathways send messages to the spinal cord, which travel to the part of the body being targeted. 


Research shows that ear seeds can be helpful in treating a variety of symptoms and disorders, including insomnia, headaches and migraines, anxiety, digestive challenges, infertility and much more. Ear seeds have also been shown to significantly boost weight loss in those following a structured protocol. Not only are ear seeds incredibly beneficial for our health, they also are incredible aesthetically pleasing, and basically look like small gold, silver or pearl earrings.


Let’s learn more about the history and physiological effects of ear seeds to help you discover how they may help you boost your health and achieve your goals!


History of Ear Seeds (Auriculotherapy):

Ear seeds can be linked back to ancient Chinese Traditional Medicine, which works to cure illness and optimise health by promoting energy, frequency and vibration within our bodies. Energy (Qi) flows throughout our bodies via channels known as ‘meridians’, which connect every biological structure, organ and gland. These meridians can be  ‘activated’ via pressure points to produce desired effects in certain areas of our body and mind. It is believed that when the qi flowing through our meridians becomes blocked; imbalance, pain, and illness may result. According to ancient Chinese Medical texts, the ear provides numerous of these beneficial meridian points. 


What Are Ear Seeds?

Ear seeds are small beads that are held in place on the surface of the ear with adhesive. Each ea r seed is positioned over one of the 200+ acupressure points of the ear to balance hormones, calm the nervous system, and clear stagnation in the affected channels. Research shows that this results in a large range of health benefits. 


What Can Ear Seeds Treat?

Due to the magnitude of acupressure points found on our ears (over 200!), they can be viewed as a tiny map for the whole body, with each one corresponding to just about every organ, hormone and system in the body. As a result, auriculotherapy can work to treat a long list of conditions and boost health in a variety of ways. Some of these include:


Chronic pain | Insomnia | Depression | Anxiety | Stress | Infertility | Migraines |

Metabolic syndromes |  Supportive treatment for addiction and weight loss 


A 2020 review of 24 studies found that in 22 of them, ear seeds could ease stress, anxiety and depression through survey results, while a 2017 study involving a clinical trial of 180 people found that ear seeding could reduce symptoms associated with body pain and anxiety. Ear seeds have been shown to stimulate the Vagas nerve, which is responsible for controlling our fight or flight response/ parasympathetic nervous system. We can promote a parasympathetic state via the vagas nerve, which puts us in a “rest and digest” pattern that allows for cell renewal, detoxification and adrenal restoration.


Interestingly, poor vagal tone can manifest itself in issues outside of anxiety and depression, such as weight gain, addiction, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), heartburn and chronic inflammation. Stimulating the vagas nerve may also balance blood pressure and heart rate. 


Ear seeds are an incredible effective way to promote vagas nerve health. Studies conducted by researchers from the University of Leeds in 2019 showed stimulation of an outer-ear acupressure point for 15 minutes a day for two weeks reduced the “fight or flight” response in volunteers, and also significantly improved sleep, mood and autonomic balance compared to the placebo group.


Weight loss: 

When following a controlled weight loss plan, those who used ear seeds were shown to lose significantly more weight than those who did not. This is likely due to the ability to ear seeds to ease any stress and tension, which in turn reduces appetite and cravings. ‘Weight loss’ articulartherapy often also involves the stimulation of certain digestive acupressure points. There are some theories that when placed over the right acupressure points of the ear, articulartherapy may support weight loss by enhancing metabolism and thermogenesis, which results in higher fat burning abilities. 


Specific Points Of The Ear:

Shen Men (an acupressure point of the upper/middle ear) is often referred to the ‘Spirit Gate’ or ‘Neurogate’ of the body. Pressure on this point calms an overactive mind, improves sleep, ease digestive disorders, reduce pain and tension throughout the body, promote cognition and mental clarity, and can also combat low energy and fatigue.  


Point Zero is the ear centre or Solar Plexus. Pressure on this point supports good digestion, organ function, hormonal balance, and is often used to treat disruptions in  neural integration (ADD/ADHD, PTSD, OCD, stuttering, dyslexia).


How To Apply Ear Seeds:

Ear seeds are simple and easy to apply! They can be left on for anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 days, and can be reapplied weekly to target different acupressure points and health benefits:


1) Clean and dry the ear completely. Ideally, use an alcohol swab.

2) Use tweezers to apply the seeds to the related acupressure points.

3) Gently press the ear seed into place.  

4) Massage the seeds two or three times each day to promote the flow of Qi and the circulatory system. This can be done by rubbing the seed in a circular motion for several seconds to help boost health benefits.


Are Ear Seeds Safe? 

Ear seeds are extremely safe and effective! They are a non-invasive treatment; they do not pierce the skin or involve the use of needles (unlike other forms of acupuncture), and therefore come with a low risk of infection or bleeding.  If the skin where the seed was placed is aggravated, let your skin rest for at least eight hours before applying them again. 


Now that you know the in’s and out’s of auriculotherapy, you’re probably ready to experience this wonderful (and very aesthetically pleasing) natural therapy for yourself! Boost your mood, ease pain, sleep deeper and support enhanced weight loss by getting a set of Ear Seeds for yourself through out SBN shop