The Detox Mindset


The Detox Mindset


Mindset is everything when it comes to your detox.

There’s never a perfect time to begin your weight loss journey. There will always be something coming up – a birthday, a dinner, a holiday. But there is a perfect time when it comes to your mindset. We say it time and time again, weight loss isn’t easy. It takes self-love, determination, positivity, perseverance, discipline, and autonomy.

So the mind frame in which you begin any detox or weight loss journey is the key to your success or your failure. 




That first decision you make to invest in yourself is your first step towards having the right mindframe. Then it’s all about conquering your inner-most negative thoughts and feelings. We’ve been in your shoes, we know the self-deprecating thoughts that can swirl inside your head. We know what it’s like to beat yourself up inside, but we also know what it’s like to be on the other side. To have confidence and believe in ourselves. We know what it’s like to press on despite the rollercoaster ride, and back ourselves 100%. We know what it’s like to trust the process. This is the mindset for success on your journey towards a healthier you. 


So how do you get there? Pooled from our own personal experience, we’ve identified the steps needed to help you get in the right mindframe and stay there. These steps require you to look inside, to identify your bad habits, and to release yourself from their holds. 


  • Keep An Open Mind: Detoxing and weight loss is all about being open-minded. Be open to listening to the journeys of others, open to suggestions and recommendations, open to support, and open to the truth. An open mind is your foundation, beginning with closed thoughts and judgements will get you nowhere on this journey, and will leave you feeling lost and left behind. 


  • Be Kind To Yourself: Deciding to embark on a new health journey is a positive process, but is often fueled by negativity – particularly towards ourselves. Throw away the “I hate my body” and “I look fat in this” thoughts, you don’t need them. Replace them with thoughts of hope, like “I will feel fabulous” and “I can’t wait to get my confidence back”. 


  • Destroy Your Self-Saboteur: Too often we become our own worst enemy, telling ourselves we’re not good enough, that we can’t do this, and that we may as well give up. Well not anymore! Release yourself from your saboteur – she’s a cold, envious witch and you don’t need her. Create your affirmations and remind yourself every day that you ARE good enough, that you CAN do this, and that giving up is NOT in your new vocabulary. Don’t beat yourself up about small gains or stalls on the scales, ask yourself what you could be doing better and do it. Don’t talk yourself into caving in or giving up, you’re stronger than you think. 


  • Remember Weight Loss Isn’t An Exact Science: If it was, we’d all be Victoria Secret models. Weight loss is a rollercoaster ride and you won’t get to the end if you worry about every little bump. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Celebrate the highs and lows, they’re all part of what makes your journey yours. 


  • Break The Food-Reward Cycle: Think back to when you were little. Did you get a ‘treat’ when you were good? Maybe you got a special dinner when you accomplished something? Did teachers in school reward you with chocolates or treats as a game for answering questions correctly? We remember all of this, and unfortunately it’s a behaviour we’ve brought forward into our adult lives… only now we have the ability to reward ourselves. But one reward-food cycle stands out above the rest and is by far the most toxic: “I’ve eaten so good this week, I deserve a treat”. No doubt you’ve said this to yourself at some point, and now is the time to break this cycle. Replace this toxic habit with a positive one, you don’t need food as your reward, your results are your reward and they taste better than any food: “I’ve eaten so good this week, I deserve to feel great”. 


  • Remind Yourself What’s At Stake: Remember your ‘Be’ – what do you want to be after your detox journey? Remind yourself that your ‘Be’ is important, and take it with you even in everyday life outside of your detox. 


You’re not here because you want a quick-fix, you’re here for a lifestyle change. At Slim By Nature we believe detoxing isn’t just about weight loss, it’s about learning to love yourself. We’re here to reshape how women see their weight loss journey and it all starts with the right mindset. Don’t let yourself down, lift yourself up.