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SBN – an affordable way to lose weight – with REBECCA MCDONNELL @thebargainstyler_


SBN – an affordable way to lose weight

“The program literally costs nothing. It comes to about $10 a day”

At Slim By Nature we hear time and time again from women who are struggling to lose weight and who have been on every diet there is. Each diet they’ve been on was supposed to be the “magic pill” and “fix everything” in all aspects of their lives. Some women have had great results with the weight loss, however over time they have gained the weight back and also an added dose of negative mindset and a sense of failure. 

These are the women we see too often and we feel for these women! Each meal supplement, pill, injection, surgery, prescription, shake, body wrap, juice, soup, membership or exercise program costs money. It’s not uncommon to hear from women who have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars to shift kilos… only to gain the weight back on. It’s disheartening to hear from mothers who are struggling to make ends meet, who go on a weight loss journey to feel better about themselves and to hear the outlay they’ve encountered.

So what’s the reason for failure? Because the program they were on was not sustainable and they did not use a whole of body approach to weight loss.

At Slim By Nature we wanted to be different. We want our women to feel confident in their own skin and we do this by educating them in what works for their particular body, realigning their thoughts and their mindset ….. without forever banning them from the foods they love.

The Slim By Nature program helps you lose weight by teaching you to monitor, analyse and eat for your body. Not only that, the food you consume is real whole food that you can eat even when not on the program. SBN educates its consumers, it motivates and supports them 24/7 with their private Support Group.

When Rebecca McDonnell from The Bargain Styler joined the program and said…

“the program literally costs nothing. It comes to about $10 a day. I obviously still had to cook and prepare food for my family but my husband was more than happy with some frozen meals”

We knew we had succeeded in being an affordable and advanced option for women who were wanting to lose weight. Have a read of Rebecca’s Slim By Nature journey here.

Rebecca was on the 12 Day Trial Kit, which is a great introduction to the Slim By Nature detox. The trial kit allows you to “test” the weight loss program for yourself, plus it gets you into the 24/7 Support group …. Because as we all know, you have a much higher success rate when you’re surrounded and motivated by likeminded women.

You will lose weight on the Trial Kit, however, you will not maintain the 3-5kg loss without completing the full 3 step program. The Slim By Nature complete program helps you reset your body and your mind, and helps you refocus on your future with the added crucial step of locking in your weight loss in the final phase of the detox. For less than a cup of tea or coffee (over 2 months only), plus a smaller weekly grocery bill, it’s no wonder that so many women love Slim By Nature!

Slim By Nature also offer Afterpay! Afterpay is a great way to make purchases without it affecting your weekly budget!

If you want to find out more about the 12 day trial kits and how they are a great introduction into the complete program, read our blog on Trial Kits Explained here.

The time is NOW – to slow down, listen to your body and understand what it needs. During our organic detox programs we’ll guide you, educate you and empower you to be YOU again..

On her detox with us, Rebecca used:

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    12 DAY TRIAL KIT – Body Slimming Detox


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  • Teatox Organic herbal detox blend +Program Booklet


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    Meno Goodness

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  • VEGAN Formula Z Night Cap Aminos 100g


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  • INNER GOODNESS – Complete Lymphatic System Cleanse


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Join SBN And Save 10%

Join our beautiful and supportive community and receive 10% off your first order. Plus receive health tips, recipes and exclusive VIP offers.

Join SBN And Save 10%

Join our beautiful and supportive community and receive 10% off your first order. Plus receive health tips, recipes and exclusive VIP offers.

Slim By Nature is so excited to announce that we have opened our very first, SBN HOME! Opening up our platform from just our online clients, you can now come and visit us in-store!

Our little Health Home is open three days per week – every Monday, Wednesday & Friday between 10am-3pm. If you come and visit us in-store and purchase or re-purchase any of our products, you’ll receive a 10% discount!

We are so incredibly thrilled to start meeting some of the amazing women that have been a part of our journey as a company, and we can’t wait to get to know you all!

We are located at Suite 7, 12-18 Bayview Street, Runaway Bay, Qld - 4216