Big girls do cry … with Bev @irismaystyle



Or the naked truth behind strong women and all things: pain, grief, emotional eating and weight gain.

When founding Slim By Nature over six years ago, I had a vision to help women and transform their body, mind and soul into something of total positivity and love. I was noticing that the women around me – my friends, family members, colleagues, even mere acquaintances – were becoming so incredibly self-deprecating. Women were struggling to love themselves and the problems they were nit-picking were all the same; “I look too chunky”, “I feel unhealthy”, “I feel too embarrassed to go to the beach with my kids”, “I’m too busy to go to the gym”, “I feel so run down”… etcetera, etcetera. The complaints were never-ending.

I knew that the problem wasn’t that these women were complaining too much. The problem obviously came from within. Something was hurting internally, and it needed to be solved. So, when I created my brand, I had a much bigger dream and intention of helping women holistically rather than just ‘losing weight’. I know that many women struggle with self-confidence and Slim By Nature became a channel for me to solve this problem. My company became my baby – I wanted to nurture it and care for it so that it would blossom into a source of reliability and joy for the women around me. It wasn’t ever just about the ‘weight loss’ – it was about creating a safe space for the women who needed it. For the women who needed to be nurtured, who needed a place to have their emotions heard, who needed a place to transform themselves without feeling like the rest of their life had to be put on hold to do so.   

And now, six years later, I have achieved that – not fully – but I have made a start. Slim By Nature has transformed the lives of thousands of women and my goal is to continue to do so. I want to help women love themselves – and not just in the cliché, exterior way. I mean truly, love themselves. Fall in love with who they are as a person, what they do, how their body works for them and functions to keep them alive, how they care for other people and how they care for themselves. I want women to fall in love with every aspect of themselves – not just the physical aspect.

One woman who I recently reached out to, Bev, is an incredible and inspiring lady that encompasses every struggle we can experience, yet also the strength and courage we have to overcome our demons. In her recent blog, she shared her own personal struggle to express her internal pain and grief, and how this has impacted her life over the years.

Bev, like many women out there, always wanted to be the ROCK for her family and friends. She wanted to be the constant in everyone’s lives whereby no matter what happened, people knew they could count on her. But all of this led her to a point whereby she supressed her own feelings of pain and turmoil to help others – she became selfless to a point of self-destruction. When you read her blog, you can see how much she has struggled. You can feel it through her words.

So, like many of us, Bev turned to food. Rather than letting her emotions run free, bottled up years of sadness and personal grief and tried to ‘crush it with food’. Sound familiar? I know for a fact that there are countless women like this. Hundreds. Thousands even. So many of us turn to food as a method of coping with our emotions and day-to-day life struggles, when we will not, or simply cannot, express how we feel. Food and over-eating becomes a method of therapy for many, but we all get to a point where we have to ask; when do we stop? When do we turn our lives around and finally change? When do we allow ourselves to transform into something far happier?

Well, we are so proud and pleased to say that Slim By Nature was there for Bev – the same way we have been there for thousands of other women. Our Body Slimming Detox didn’t just help her to lose weight. Bev turned around her eating habits and her mentality.

Bev was ready to change her life. She was ready for a change. She was ready to be the woman that she had been aching to be for years now. She didn’t look at this as a diet or a fad, she looked at it as a holistic opportunity for personal development.

On her trial with us, Bev used:


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  • INNER GOODNESS – Complete Lymphatic System Cleanse


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With these simple products, she has catalysed a change that has been set in motion, and will not stop. It is a change of personal development and improvement that can only get better and become more enlightening as time passes.

I wanted Slim By Nature to be a company that supports women through the most difficult stages of their lives. I wanted to create a support network for women who needed to regain their confidence, who needed to learn how to care for themselves, and who needed to fall in love with themselves. Slim By Nature is a family for all – and hearing stories like Bev’s gives me the utmost amount of joy and happiness in knowing that I am beginning to achieve that. My goal is now transcending the basic aspects of a business and is reaching places in people’s heart that I didn’t know it could.

Thank you for your support. To read Bev’s blog, please click here.

Much love,

Zhanna Gee, SBN xx

P.S. If someone you know is battling weight gain, emotional eating and grief – overstretched and drowning in their grief and sadness, please forward this article. It could trigger them to finally get the help they need and deserve!