Big Girls Do Cry… the series – part 1


BIG GIRLS DO CRY… I don’t want to hide from it any longer.

Big Girls Do Cry is a series of real, raw and unfiltered conversations, where I – Zhanna Gee (creator and founder of SBN) – share some of the most vulnerable stories I have found from all walks of life.

When creating this company, I didn’t expect to meet so many incredible people… and all of those incredible people have been YOU. Our private Facebook group members, support system and family! Speaking to clients on a daily basis has made me immensely appreciate amazing and unique each and every one of you are.


After listening to hundreds of incredible stories, I wanted to create a space for these stories to be shared. When we go through difficult situations in life, we tend to feel that we are alone, or that our close circle doesn’t understand, or that nobody else has experienced what we are feeling. I find that sometimes women are more honest and transparent with less familiar people. When you have someone unbiased to speak to who is still caring and considerate, you open up more because there is no fear of judgement from a stranger.


From all of this, comes our first newsletter where the SBN team comes out of their shell, and open up about the things that matter to us most today.


You will meet Zhanna, Tania and Rachel – and we will all be sharing our struggles this week and how we dealt with them.


Once a week you will be receiving little short letters from us where you will find us talking about truth bombs, our life behind the scenes of SBN, secrets shared and new discoveries that go beyond the detox. We love interacting with you in our group and decided we want to dive deeper and get to know you more. Hopefully, by sharing our raw, honest and vulnerable stories – you get to know us better too.


By putting ourselves out there in this vulnerable state, we hope it encourages you to open up to us in the group too – because after all, we don’t want this to be a one-way conversation…


So please dive in and we hope you enjoy the first letter from our BIG GIRLS DO CRY series.


Breathe with me…


One day whilst driving and listening to a podcast, I realised I was holding my breath. I didn’t know why I was doing it – it took me a while to even notice. I remember feeling super tense though… After a difficult time at the start of the year, I had started to practice mindfulness more often. So rather than shying away from this random discovery, I urged myself to explore why the heck I am holding my breath?! Why wasn’t I breathing normally and why did I feel like I had to run out of air before my body would gasp for another breath?


I took a moment to observe how I was feeling today. Happy? Sad? Angry? Tired? The biggest thing that stood out to me was stressed. I feel stressed. So, I took a deep breath in, and spent the remainder of my trip telling myself to simply breathe.


Later that night when I was home in bed, I decided to look into it further. What if it was actually something serious? We all love a good Google search of our symptoms only to read the most terrifying answers! Surprisingly enough what I found was in tune with what I had felt. Stress was the cause of my breathlessness. I had been so immensely engulfed and transfixed with worry and stress about the past and future, that my body’s physical reaction could even keep up with my mind in the present. It had to stop a normal function to focus harder on everything going on in my brain.


Now I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I am a worrier. I stress and worry and a lot of the time struggle to maintain living in the present. For this reason, I have been introducing more mindfulness into my routine, however after this day, noticing my breath, I decided to dig deeper. I wanted to restore my body’s natural instinct to breathe normally.


After some research online, I discovered Wim Hof. I had heard of his breathing techniques before, but I wanted to actually start applying a practice in my life that would help me de-stress. And I must say, it has been amazing!


I did some research on his breathing techniques and ended up downloading the WIM HOF app which is completely FREE! Practicing some mindful breathing before I start my day has truly improved and elevated my presence and calmness. And even if I don’t stick to a morning ritual every day (as many of us sometimes can’t do!), to have this practice I can revert to when I’m feeling stressed, makes me feel immediately better.


You may be asking, how does breathing solve your problems? How is that meant to reduce your stress? Well… For myself I have found that breathing doesn’t take away my problems. It is a vehicle in which to take away my worry and stress. It makes me PRESENT, and when you are present, nothing in the future or the past worries you. You are simply being now.


If you are feeling stressed, I hope it hasn’t gotten to a point where your body forgets how to breathe normally. However whatever stage of stress you are at, I encourage you to look into breathing techniques for yourself. Implementing them in my life has been a complete game-changer and elevated my wellness. I truly feel as though I have benefited from it immensely.


In saying all of this, I hope you find some use in my little message. Take the time to be present, and if you are struggling like I was and still sometimes do, look into breathing techniques. You can start with Wim Hof, or you can research some different ones to find what suits you. It’s all about sustaining your own happiness.