123TEATOX to the rescue for Coffee Addicts!

Coffee is a major part of many people’s lives, in fact over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed per day worldwide!

Many women who start the Slim by Nature Detox find it difficult converting from a good splash of milk – down to just tablespoon of rice milk per day.

Then there’s those women who live on coffee – they have coffee running through their veins… like our Mindset Coach, Katarina.

Katarina, was one of those coffee drinkers who you couldn’t recognise if she wasn’t holding a takeaway cup in her hand…

She tells her story about how a simple change to 123TEATOX  has helped her get through the weight loss, WITHOUT coffee in tow.

Let me tell you a little story about me and coffee…

See, we go waaaay back. We’ve been through good times and in bad, in sickness and in health.

I was actually 6 years old when I used to sneak in a cuppa for myself while the other kids were drinking milo. My friends thought I was insane – but I enjoyed it.

When I went to Uni, coffee was my lifesaver! Not because it kept me up to finish my assignments… pfft! The caffeine did nothing for me! But I used it as my meal replacement many lunch and dinner breaks while working 4 jobs between Uni… hey, when you’re busy it’s easy to forget to pack lunch! And while going to Uni you’re too poor to buy takeaway so I lived off staff room coffee – it was my meal many a times.

Me & (instant) coffee kept our relationship going throughout interstate moves, new exciting jobs, relationships, marriage & even our first child!

When I fell pregnant with my 2nd child, instantly – overnight- I couldn’t drink it. Instant coffee made me want to hurl… what was going on??? However, a coffee shop coffee was just fine! Weird?

So like all “problem solvers” I bought myself a coffee pod machine. It was soooo good having as many cafe style coffees as I wanted at my fingertips! But what I forgot after all that coffee was that I was drinking about 1.5L of milk in those cappuccinos per day!! And the weight piled on! I put on over 30kg!! Because of too many cappuccinos!

So I started a detox which meant no milk. It was difficult to go from creamy cappuccinos to long blacks… but persistence paid off. I got used to it.

So long blacks became my drink. I easily went through 4 or 5 cups per day. But I never wondered why I felt I needed it?

I didn’t feel a “caffeine” hit.

I didn’t crave it.

I didn’t get headaches if I didn’t drink it.

It didn’t make me feel any different and I often forgot if I had one or not

So why did I drink so many? Well, it’s habit. It gave me something to do.

Yep that’s it. HABIT.

So when Zhanna launched her 123TEATOX range I got very excited! Not only was it the perfect addition to the Body Slimming Program, but it was also a great cleanser for the body even when I WASN’T detoxing! It could be done anytime!

And let me tell you, the swap over was sooo easy!

As you know, I drank a lot of coffee, I was used to having a cup on my desk at work, and one in my car, and one while relaxing in front of the TV late at night… So when I swapped over to 123TEATOX I was able to KEEP this habit of drinking!

Hey I don’t have many other bad habits (that I’m aware of) … so I’m happy to keep this one!

The all organic, herbal blend could be taken in copious amounts  … it was fantastic! Not to mention it also really boosted my energy levels and helped accelerate the weight loss I was getting on the detox.

Breakfast – #1 LIVER DETOX just the right ingredients to flush toxins from my body, which included 34 years of coffee! Even though the detox drops do this too, I got an extra BOOST from this herbal blend!

Lunch- #2 FAT BURNING this was a delicious blend – slightly sweet and refreshing. This blend reduces hunger hormones, regulates fat storage and releases fat from cells … Whoohoo!

Nightly – #3 COLON CLEANSE sometimes we feel a bit clogged up or become clogged during the detox. It’s natural our body just doesn’t like “letting go” – it’s the reason why losing weight is usually difficult for many! Just like our gut tries to keep the food we DO eat during the detox and women tend to feel constipated…. well that changed since taking the tea!  This was an amazing “relief”!

All in all, the transition to tea was easy. I can now smell how strong coffee is and even though I will drink it in the future, I am now hooked on these herbal teas and I will be having them in the future even when I’m not on the detox. My teeth and breath will thank me for it I’m sure!

If you would like to try the 123TEATOX for yourself then head here.

Mindset Coach @ Slim By Nature

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