The Slim By Nature House is OPEN to the public!


The Slim By Nature House is OPEN to the public!

When you have a dream, and you reach high for it, working long days and putting all your love into it, there’s no stopping you in achieving your goals.

And that’s exactly what’s happen to our very own Zhanna Gee, the founder of Slim By Nature when she created the first Women’s Health and Wellness Detox House here on the Gold Coast.

Zhanna has been empowering women to love themselves and move away from the stigma of needing to be a certain size, have a certain body shape and looking a particular way to feel beautiful. She encourages healthy eating habits, a healthy mindset and healthy thoughts through her Slim By Nature Detox Programs. These programs have helped over 30,000 women lose weight and feel great in their skin. The benefits have helped women who are going through menopause and find it difficult to shift the weight, people who are shift workers and also people who do not exercise either by choice or due to a medical reason.

And now, with the new Slim By Nature House opening its doors, women can come in and meet Zhanna and the team for a cup of tea, or for a 1 on 1 assessment. Zhanna has always wanted women to feel comfortable talking about their weight and supporting their weight loss journeys. With an online community in the Private Facebook Group which supports women detoxing on the program, the Slim by Nature House is a new avenue for women who choose to stay offline. Zhanna has had this dream of creating a “House” for women where they can gather and feel supported since launching her business in 2013 and now the dream has come to fruition with the opening of the Slim By Nature House.

The Slim By Nature house not only sells the signature detox program, but it also offers a range of other products that help women detoxify their body, their home and their mind.

Read the F-Magazine article to find out more about the new Slim By Nature house

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