The 7 Busy Bee Secrets


The 7 Busy Bee Secrets

The Busy Bee Detox was created especially for women who just don’t have enough time! No time to detox, no time to prepare, no time to think, no time to plan…

The reason our Busy Bee Detox has been so successful with busy mums and career women, is because this plan was made with simplicity in mind. It’s all about eating simple food that’s not only nutritious, but also tastes amazing. You can lose 7-10kg in a short 30 day program, but it’s no magic pill, you need prepare to dedicate yourself for 30 days to simple eating.

When you’re busy, it’s easy to rush out and get “dinner on the go” or drive through a fast food place when hunger hits. But on the Busy Bee Detox you don’t have to because you will naturally not feel the hunger when detoxing! This is not the reason you lose weight, but it is a great bonus and helps you be a little bit more prepared for the 30-day journey you’re about to embark on.

So, if you want to lose weight and you’re a busy bee, you can’t let “time” stand in your way and you can’t allow it to be an excuse anymore. You can’t turn back time, you can’t create more time … but you can smash through the next 30 days of your detox by following these little Busy Bee secrets…

  1. Be mentally ready.

The time is now. You’ve used the excuse that you “don’t have enough time” for long enough… so just start. The sooner you start your detox, the sooner you’ll finish … and that mean’s the sooner you can get on with the rest of your “to do” list. Procrastinating is easy, but you’ll feel a lot better both physically and emotionally once you start detoxing.

  1. Keep it Simple

This is the biggest success tip – keeping your meals simple. Now is not the time to experiment with new meals – ain’t nobody got time for that!

When you receive your detox box – you must take time to read the booklet. It doesn’t take long to read so just pop it by your bedside table and read it of a night time before you go to sleep and understand the program. Look at the foods you’re allowed on the detox and start thinking of simple and easy combinations of food you can bring to work for lunch, and simple quick dinner meals.

There is nothing wrong with eating the same lunch for a whole week or the same dinner – yes it may get boring, but when you don’t have to think or plan your meals, you’ll find the detox easier than you expected!

  1. Preparation

You don’t have to go to great extremes, just make sure the foods you’re allowed to eat are available in your fridge. Buy your proteins and once a week and divide them into 100g portions to make cooking meals quick and easy. Or, if you find some time on the weekend, why not cook up a weeks’ worth of meals so all you have to do is defrost it for dinner? By being prepared, you know what’s coming up and that means you don’t have to think … which brings us to:

  1. Don’t Overthink it.

Lunch is easy to overlook when you’re rushing out the door in the morning. It’s quick to bring your lunch with you if you have a few easy “go to” lunch options. If you were proactive and you created a weeks’ worth of meals on the weekend – just take one out of the freezer as you run out the door. Or, if you prefer a salad option, find a simple combination and don’t be afraid to eat it a few days in a row. Surprisingly, being boring is successful! Our customers favourite combinations are tomato & egg, Tuna/cucumber, Cottage cheese/tomato (or cucumber). If you pick a few simple combinations to run out the door with daily – it’s easy to stick to.

  1. Keep Hydrated

Water flushes the toxins out of your system and speeds up your weight loss. We always recommend getting a large pretty 1L bottle and keeping it on you . Aim to drink 2 of those bottles (or more if you can) every day. When it’s in your sight, you’ll remember to drink it. Chug it down or sip throughout the day, whatever you find easier. However, aim for 2-4L per day.

  1. Set Alarms

Since you won’t have the ups and downs in hunger, it’s still vital that you do not miss a meal. Set an alarm to take your lunch drops and keep your dropper in your bag, then set another alarm 20 minutes later so you can actually eat. If you start missing your meals, you’ll feel the hunger come hours later and you’ll be tempted to grab the first thing you see …. so just eat when you’re supposed to and stay in routine. Simple.

  1. Keep snacks in your bag or at work

There will be those crazy days when you’re so short on time you run out the door and forget to bring something with you. Don’t allow yourself to get in that position by not having anything to eat that’s “Busy Bee friendly”. Keep lunch options in your bag or at work such as: Apple, Tuna, Cucumber, boiled eggs, tomato. You can make many combinations with just these few simple items – add a bit of salt and pepper and wholla! Lunch is done!


Just remember, this detox is not forever. It’s just 30 days. And when you keep it simple, and you’re a bit prepared, the extra kilo’s you’re carrying will be off in no time at all.

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