Slim By Nature… For Men?


Slim by Nature are a company that promotes healthy lifestyle choices to Detox, De-clutter and invigorate the mind, body and environment of our clients.   As a woman, I find it easier to resonate with other women and help them to change their lives for the better.   However, even though my goal has always been to empower women, I have always known about how many men want to feel the same way!

When I first started Slim By Nature in 2012, I did not focus on any particular segment.   Men were an important part of our client base.  The weight loss results for men are generally even faster & more dramatic than for women!   However over time, through the development and growth of SBN, I started to focus on ladies, and really explore my passion for health amongst females.  The success of Slim By Nature has been driven by the close knit community of women whom communicate freely & support each other in a safe, friendly – Female only environment.  We certainly don’t want to change our program for women in any way.  Having said that, I think there is still a role for Slim By Nature to help men with their weight loss challenges.  After all, most of us do have a special man in our life – someone that we want to keep healthy and happy, not to mention help them look and feel better.

Ladies I urge you: get your hubbies onto the Detox with you! You can both bond over the experience together, and you will both come out of it feeling stronger, healthier, and far more confident!

Can my Husband Detox Too?  Will he?

Many, many women ask me if their man can take part in the Slim By Nature Programs!  Of course they can!   Participating in the Detox program as a couple makes it easier for both of you.   The good news is that generally, men will reach their target weight MUCH quicker than women.  Men don’t usually need to be on the Detox Program for as long as women!

From personal experience, I can tell you that my husband loves our Detox plan (not just because he’s my husband!).  It’s quick, easy, time-efficient and the excess fat literally melts away!   However, you may encounter some issues with a joint program, particularly when “sharing” the Weight Loss Drops!  My husband often “can’t find the drops“, or forgets to take them on business trips, or generally just does not take them as directed.  With all this in mind, WE developed a new SIMPLE  & SHORT Program for men like my husband whom want to lose about 5kg as quickly and painlessly as possible!

Slim By Nature – 12-day EXPRESS DETOX for MEN is a brand new Detox Program that is tailored for men!  So now our Detox can change the life of women and the men that they care for!

Why 12 Days?

12 Days is significantly shorter than the 26, 43 and 60 day Detox Programs that we provide.  I have found that most men will lose between 4-7kg in the first 12 days of our Detox Programs.  Of course, men can still participate on the longer detox programs if they want more significant results.   Generally men will lose weight at 1.5 times the rate that women do on the longer programs, however it is the first 2 weeks where men see dramatic weight loss.

12 Day Schedule

The Body Slimming Detox always starts with 2 Days of Loading (See here for more information on loading days), followed by 10 days on Phase 2 of the Detox Phase where you must follow the program nutrition guide.   The recommended schedule begins on with Loading Days on Saturday & Sunday.  This means that effectively you will only be on the controlled eating program for one weekend.

We all want to feel amazing, we all want to look our best and we all want to feel on top of the world – both men and women alike!  My husband, has taken part in the Detox multiple times; once to lose weight, and other times just to feel better.  So ladies, I would like to challenge you, to introduce our Detox to your partner and see how it makes them feel.

Men on the Body Slimming Detox

It is perfectly safe for men and women to take part in our Body Slimming Detox to either lose weight and fat, or simply detox their bodies. Slim By Nature’s homeopathic Detox Program, promotes a natural hormone boost in men and women – but do not worry!  This increase does not affect your body the way oestrogen would.  Our Detox drops contain natural ingredients that simply boost your hormone levels just enough, to unlock your abnormal fat stores so they can be burned for energy.  In fact, with this hormone boost, a potential increase in testosterone production can occur in men!

It is important to note that at a base level (sedentary), men require more energy throughout the day – purely due to their generally higher body mass.  Whilst men are taking part in our Detox, they may need to customise the program slightly.  Please speak to us if you have any questions about tailoring an individual program.

Are there any side effects?

Just like women, men can sometimes experience Detox symptoms like headaches or slight hunger during the first week. However, unlike women, men experience these symptoms significantly less! In the first week, because your body is going through a rapid change, fatigue is common, and even though this only lasts a few days, we are here to help you out just in case with our Vitamin B12 supplement. Here is a blog post about the importance of B12 if you’re interested, but this little miracle is here to help push you through that first tough week. But I must say… experiencing less Detox ‘symptoms’ than us women, is already a good enough reason to give it a go!

The Benefits

The benefits of our Body Slimming Detox are not only available to women, but also to men – even more so!  From my years of experience, I have actually found that on the Body Slimming Detox, men actually lose fat and weight far more quickly than women. This is of course due to the tendency for males to have a faster metabolism than women.

Go For It!

So gentlemen, you have no excuse!   Ladies, what are you waiting for?  Get your involved in our Body Slimming Detox now!   This is not a difficult, time-consuming, and boring, typical diet. This is a 12 Day EXPRESS Detox that will reign in that belly, tighten Your jaw line and add definition to those muscles.    You have NOTHING TO LOSE BUT THE WEIGHT.  It will be gone in 12 Days!


With men being so fortunate that they pretty much experience little-to-no Detox symptoms (us women have to go through a lot in life, don’t we?)  WHY NOT GIVE IT A GO? Everyone deserves an opportunity to experience confidence, happiness and a content life. To be at peace with themselves; and men are no exception to this! Their ‘manly man’ attitude doesn’t always have to mean not caring about themselves, or putting others’ needs before their own.  It can mean that they actually look out for themselves!

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