SBN 12 Day Trial Kits Explained


SBN 12 Day Trial Kits Explained

We are so confident that The Body Slimming Detox Program will work for you, that we have introduced our 12 Day Trial Kits.

So you’ve been in the Private Facebook group and seen the girls having amazing weight losses, you’ve read the reviews and watched the video testimonies, you’ve heard time and time again from women raving about how the Slim By Nature weight loss detox has worked for them… But, you still have doubts.

How could a product be SO amazing? Surely it can’t work for you?… Or can it? 

Now there’s finally a way to try it for yourself! We are so confident that The Body Slimming Detox Program will work for you, that we have introduced our 12 Day Trial Kits.

It’s the perfect way to push your doubts aside!

Just like all trial kits, whether they’re skin care products, vitamins, fragrances or makeup etc –  these products are there to “test”. Regardless of what trial kit you use, you won’t see the full benefits of the product until you use it for a minimum set time. For example, those wrinkles around your eyes may start to disappear with a trial size antiwrinkle cream, but if you stop using it after the trial period, those wrinkles will return. 

The Slim By Nature 12 Day Trial kit will allow you to experience the amazing weight loss results for yourself, first-hand; however, to lock in your fat-loss you will need the Complete 3 step Body Slimming Detox Program. We recommend the 30 Day Detox on The Go Program for all our 12 Day Trial Kit users.

Our Trial program consists of the first two Detox Phases in patch form for 12 days, whilst the Detox on the Go patch Program lasts for 30 days and also includes the Maintenance Phase which locks your weight loss in.

The Detox on the Go Program, in conjunction with our unique formula, assists in boosting a natural hormone that in turn causes the hypothalamus area of the brain to trigger a release of abnormal fat stores. On average, women lose 7-10kg using the Detox on the Go Program. In addition to weight loss, thousands of women who have completed our program have also experienced numerous other health benefits, including a drop in cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar.

The most crucial part of locking in your weight loss is the Maintenance Phase.  Slim By Nature Maintenance patches are a Unique blend of colloidal minerals, as well as homeopathic preparations of Fenugreek Seeds, Sphaeranthus indicus, Garcinia mangostana fruit, Green tea extract, Chamomile, Moringa, Turmeric,  L-Arginine, L-Glutamine and L-Carnitine all which help you feel satisfied and continue burning fat while on the maintenance portion of the SBN protocol. 

During the Maintenance phase of the detox, you are slowly increasing your calories and reintroducing some of the foods you love  without the weight.

To see a permanent weight loss – you must complete a minimum of 26 days on the detox plus complete 21 days of the maintenance phase.

Our 12 Day trial kits are a perfect way to explore the incredible results you can have for yourself before you purchase the Complete Detox On the Go Patch Program and transform your life forever!

*Note: The 12 Day Trial kit is for first time users only.

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