Reigniting The Spark: How to Detox Your Libido


Reigniting The Spark: How to Detox Your Libido

As women, it can be quite taboo to talk about our libido. And what’s worse is the stigma that’s so often lashed on women with either low or high libidos. We’re conditioned, judged, and even bullied into believing our libido can define our relationships or that we’re somehow ‘broken’ if its not socially ‘normal’. 

By now you might be thinking ‘But I’m not that worried about my sex life, why should I bother with my libido?’. Having an average or high libido isn’t just about sexual energy. Improving our libido can be empowering for us women. It uncovers hidden confidence, and can help us to feel healthier, sexier, and more invigorated. An improved or just supported libido can also have very positive impacts on your relationship outside the bedroom. 


One of the most important things to remember here is that just because one person in the relationship has a lower libido than the other, this doesn’t mean there is something wrong with either person. It’s however when the difference in libido begins to cause problems in your relationship or even in your self-confidence that it may be time to look into supporting your sexual appetite. 


Our libido is complex – dictated by emotions, medications, hormones, diet, exercise, and even our gut health. Stress, anger, fear, guilt, depression, anxiety – just to name a few – are extremely common causes for low libido at any age. Even women in as early as their 20’s experience the libido-lowering effects of poor emotional wellbeing. Even unhealthy lifestyle habits such as drinking and smoking, exposure to toxins, and especially stress diminish sex hormone balance. 


But it’s no secret the most common culprit for low libido is menopause


It’s become the norm that we accept low sex drive as a symptom of ageing – because biologically speaking, it is. Sex drive graudally decreases as we age, but women are two to three times more likely to be affected than men. Over 50% of menopausal women report low sexual desire, and as many as 10% report having no sexual inclinations at all. As we know, our sex hormones are tightly linked to our libido so it’s no surprise that the dramatic drop in oestrogen and progesterone during menopause is the primary reason for decreased sexual desire. But what if I were to tell you we don’t have to accept low libido as a symptom of menopause? Sure, your hormones are changing drastically and this is often a time met with negative reflection and mood changes. But there’s actually a lot you can do to take control of your libido, no matter what age. 


How To Regain & Maintain Your Libido: 


Regaining and maintaining your libido starts with simple lifestyle changes that make big differences. Whether you’re experiencing menopause or not, we’re here to provide you with some natural and fundamental remedies for bringing down those walls that are holding your libido back. 

 1. Detox: 

Our hormones, blood sugar, gut health, and toxins are all more closely linked than you think. Detoxing not only works to eliminate nasty toxins that impact hormonal imbalances, it also helps to balance blood sugars, cleanse the gut, and even eliminate unused hormones for more stable hormone production and responses. Detoxing also eliminates toxins that may be wreaking havoc on other processes in the body closely linked to the libido such as metabolism, mood, sleep quality, and even vitamin absorption. With balanced hormones and less toxic damage, our bodies are able to build a better foundation for a healthy libido, free of disruption. 

 2. Manage stress: 

We can’t ignore the emotional and psychological connection that is deeply rooted into all of our libidos, in particular the impact of stress. Cortisol, our stress hormone, actually inhibits our libido – it’s part of our ‘fight or flight’ response. So it’s no surprise that managing stress and anxiety is integral for a healthy sex drive. Using daily routine techniques such as yoga, meditation and breathwork can help to emotionally and physically manage your stress and break down the psychological barriers that may be impeding your libido. 


3. Exercise: 

Exercise has more control over our emotional and physiological health than you can possibly imagine. Not only does exercise help to expel toxins, it regulates our sleep, our gut health, our hormonal health, and our mood. It also helps to generate healthy testosterone production in women, a hormone that is necessary for a healthy sex drive. Regular, light exercise also releases endorphins to boost your self-confidence and mood. 


4. Meno Goodness: 

Hormonal and libido support now comes to you in a convenient powder form. Our Meno Goodness is the perfect accompaniment for your lifestyle changes to improve your libido. It contains the power of Maca root which has been used for centuries to enhance sexual behaviour and is acknowledged as a traditional remedy for menopausal symptoms. Although our Meno Goodness is designed to relieve menopausal symptoms, it isn’t just for menopausal women. Any woman can use it as a healthy, natural support for your sex drive. Meno Goodness has been intricately formulated to offer a natural role in vitality, help keep stress at bay, and regulate your hormones. Get your Meno Goodness today: https://www.slimbynature.com.au/product/meno-goodness/