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Why you don’t mix your vegetables or proteins on the Slim By Nature Body Slimming Detox


Hello Beautiful ladies!  Your Slim By Nature Wellness Coach Bo Wong here!  Today I wanted to talk about why it’s important to not mix your vegetables or your proteins!  Now you may think of our detox in this phase (Phase 2) as being a little bit of a mono diet. What do we mean by that we mean that?

In this phase of the detox you will only be eating one type of protein and one type of vegetable for lunch and then for dinner you’re going to change that we’re going to have a different type of protein and a different type of vegetable. One question we get asked quite a lot is “why can’t we mix our vegetables up?” I’m going give you a rundown of why it’s important not to.

Mixing Vegetables or Proteins could impact your weight loss!

Some people have found that when they eat certain vegetables or certain proteins that they don’t experience the same daily weight loss as other vegetables or proteins. If you are mixing up vegetables or proteins then you are going know what food is giving you a successful weight loss and what food isn’t.

The Slim By Nature Detox is also about Cleansing your Palate

What we’re also doing on this detox is helping you clean and refine your palate. On the Slim By Nature Detox, your body is going through a major shift and so are your taste buds! What you’ll find at the end of the detox everything going to taste more amazing than you can ever remember because your palate is clean. You are really going to start to taste the foods, taste the spices, taste the herbs.

Too often in our everyday lives we are so inundated by flavours, by artificial sweeteners, chemicals and flavours in our food that we forget what real food tastes like, what Whole Foods should taste like. We forget what sweet actually is and we overstimulate ourselves with these unnatural flavours and that has a detrimental effect on our health.

Take Note

We encourage you to take note of a what food combinations you make and record the next day if these food combinations help you make a weight loss or not. Also, we want you to take note of the flavours you know what flavours did you like and did you not like. We also want you to start working towards being more connected to yourself. This is one way you are going to connect with yourself because not only are you going to be more focused about what you’re eating whilst detoxing your system at the same time but you’re also going to be able to connect your food better because you are going to be able to know exactly what foods have what reaction within your body.

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