Meal Prepping & Menu Planning


Meal Prepping & Menu Planning

We at SBN know that the term Meal prepping is often met with a little eye-roll…
Thoughts of Instagram influencers and gym enthusiasts posting pictures of their dozens of Tupperware filled with protein can be a little daunting. However, it’s not all about spending hours in the kitchen on a Sunday making portion after portion of the same old thing.

Meal prepping can range from organising your fridge properly, to pre-portioning raw foods, to whipping up easy meals that can be frozen and ready on the go. Menu planning doesn’t have to be hours of writing out ingredients and googling recipes, it’s as simple as noting down which main ingredients you’re going to focus your meals on each day.

A common response we find is “why would I bother?”, where we would then reply with:
● It Reduces snacking and overeating
● It Reduces stress by knowing what your upcoming meals are and not stressing about what to have
● It Saves food waste & time
● It Saves money by not over-purchasing ingredients and having them go off
● It Prevents the likelihood of diet ‘cheats’

So how do you get started?

Plan your menu.
Before you run off to the supermarket, create a menu for your whole week to plan your shopping list around. Planning your menu helps to reduce food wastage and save money by knowing exactly how many portions you need for the week. For meat-eaters, choose mostly lean proteins, poultry, and fish and limit red meat to 1-3 meals per week. For vegans/vegetarians, choose a mix of high-protein vegetables and legumes. Write a shopping list that also includes any herbs, spices, and seasonings you need to stock up on. And don’t forget to choose a wide variety of fruits and vegetables each week, following your approved food list or incorporating your handy SBN Cook book (link here) is the perfect start to a successful shop.

Always have the essentials on hand.
Be sure to comb through your pantry before you head off to the shops to make sure you have the basics like salt & pepper, tea & coffee, stevia, and garlic & onion. Be sure to cross off what you already have before grocery shopping to avoid buying duplicate items.

Go grocery shopping before you start your detox.
Your Detox on the Go and Body slimming guide will help you to ensure you have everything you
need to begin your new journey ahead of time.

Gather tools you need.
This includes zip-lock bags, a non-stick pan, containers, jars, and any other utensils that will make meal prepping and food storage seamless and easy. If you’re environmentally conscious or want to get the most out of your detox by avoiding plastics, use glass containers and jars to store your ingredients or choose ecological single-storage products like biodegradable cling wrap.

Choose when to prep and stick to it.
Set aside some time in your week before beginning your detox to weigh and portion out your
servings, cook and divide larger batches of meals, or just organise your fridge and pantry to make the whole process easier for you.
If the idea of spending hours in the kitchen is too daunting, then do what We do! Our approach is to dedicate 15 minutes each night to read our menu for the next day, weigh out my raw ingredients and set them aside ready to go for the next day. Or if a set-and-forget approach is more your style, spend a few short hours in the kitchen one afternoon organising, cooking, flavouring, and freezing/refrigerating your meals. Then you can just grab-and-go without the hassle of cooking each day.

Whatever your style, meal prepping and menu planning can save you heaps of time and keep you on track no matter what health journey you’re taking. Whether your undertaking a detox or just want to eat healthier, try these simple steps to get organised and take control of your diet!

If you have any questions, or wish to speak to one of our friendly staff, please email suport@slimbynature.com.au or call us on 1800 787 628.

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