Lets talk about THE MENOPAUSE


Lets talk about THE MENOPAUSE…

‘The change’ is inevitable, it’s part of our life cycle as women, and it’s a topic that’s often met with fear, apprehension, and uncertainty. But menopause is a normal, natural part of our journey, and should be embraced. It’s our body’s way of thanking us for the years of fertility and telling us it’s time to start a new chapter.

Menopause is marked by common symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, loss of libido, irritability, weight fluctuations, depression or anxiety, and low energy all caused by a major decline in oestrogen. Menopause also increases women’s risk of developing heart disease, breast cancer, osteopenia, and osteoporosis. Our body certainly has a twisted way of congratulating us on the end of an era, right? Every woman experiences menopausal symptoms differently, some for a few months and others for 2 or more years. But what most of us don’t realise is we don’t have to put up with them!

A healthy lifestyle is a major key to reducing the effects of menopausal symptoms and helping to keep our heart, bones, and brain healthy. Many women feel that the early stages of menopause are a good time to reflect on the way they treat their body and begin lifestyle changes to improve their wellbeing. This is where Slim By Nature can really help…

Not only does detoxing help to support hormone balance and healthy hormone metabolism, but it also helps to generate energy in a time when taking a nap at your desk has never sounded better. Weight gain, especially around the tummy, is a common effect of menopause and may be linked to the increased risk of developing later-life disease. So healthy, natural weight loss techniques are vital.

But what about the rest of it? The hot flushes that wake you up in the night, the mood swings that can make you snap at the smallest thing, or the guilt of losing your sex drive…

Doctors often prescribe Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) drugs to alleviate these symptoms, and although they have great success helping women across the globe, some of us prefer a more natural approach which is why we’ve created Meno Goodness.

Maca root has been used by numerous cultures for the enhancement of fertility and sexual behaviour in men and women and has long been generally acknowledged as a traditional remedy for menopausal symptoms. Peruvian maca root provides an organic alternative to hormone therapies as it’s found to increase libido, improve energy levels, and reduce menopausal symptoms. This is due to the main active components, polyunsaturated fats called ‘macaene’ and ‘macamide’, which have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, fat metabolism, and brain and heart protective factors.

Particular proteins are also essential for managing menopausal symptoms. L-arginine improves heart health, helps to prevent heart disease, and reduces the frequency of hot flushes through supporting healthy blood vessel function as this is weakened in menopausal women. L-carnitine assists with weight loss, reducing inflammation, and energy production. Alpha-ketoglutarate supports healthy energy production and may help to prevent osteoporosis. And pea protein is a rich source of iron, contains all 9 essential amino acids and is easily digestible. All these proteins ensure that you still feel like yourself in a time where everything in your body is changing.

Finally, we’ve also added the superfood powerhouse goji berry which is a powerful antioxidant, contains essential vitamins, holds high levels of magnesium (to help prevent heart disease and osteoporosis) and thiamine which helps to relax muscles and improve sleep quality.

So don’t wait until after menopause to feel better than you have in years, take control today and reap the rewards now. Slim By Nature can help you feel confident, energised, and sexy throughout all stages of menopause so that you can embrace the change!

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