Detoxing for women


Detoxing for women

We, women, are often driven, motivated, controlled, or even enslaved by our hormones. And even the slightest hormonal imbalance can affect our mood, our gut, and our energy levels. But can detoxing really help with balancing female hormones? The answer is YES!

Toxins primarily affect the body’s endocrine system, which is comprised of hormone-creating glands such as the thyroid gland, the adrenals, and the ovaries. These are the glands responsible for releasing hormones to maintain reproductive health, moderate our stress response, and sustain a healthy metabolism. And when they’re attacked by toxins all hell breaks loose… So not only do we need to remove these toxins, but we also need to support our detox system superstars (like the liver) because of the role they play in hormonal health.

Oestrogen, our friendly (most of the time) female hormone, is metabolised in the liver so optimal oestrogen health is dependent on optimal liver health. Detoxing supports liver function through providing natural herbal extracts and reducing the body’s toxic load by eliminating processed and chemically toxic foods.

But what happens to oestrogen when our liver and gall bladder function is overrun with toxic load from other causes (oily foods, processed foods, plastics, etc.)?

The excess oestrogen cannot be properly eliminated through stomach bile and it itself becomes a toxin. This excess oestrogen can then cause disease-related complications with our reproductive tissues. The liver is also needed to metabolise any nasty mimic-hormones such as xenoestrogens (found in chemicals, plastics and pesticides which create an imbalance with natural estrogen levels). So you see, detox and liver support are ESSENTIAL for maintaining healthy oestrogen levels and properly eliminating excess oestrogen.

Why is there a need for hormonal balance?

Aside from the wonderful general benefits of improved skin, hair, and nail health, improved mood, more energy, and regular healthy menstruation, detoxing for hormonal balance is beneficial in all life stages. For example, detoxing is particularly important for menopausal women, helping to support oestrogen metabolism and reduce risk of weight gain through thyroid support. The thyroid is responsible for metabolism among other things, however it is a very sensitive gland. Thyroid function is strongly influenced by environmental toxins like EMF, BPA, chlorine, food toxins, and alcohol.

Detoxification is also a common tool used by practitioners to assist pre-conception care for women wanting to get pregnant. As detoxification encourages the release of toxins into the bloodstream to be removed, higher circulating levels of toxins pose a threat for expecting mothers – which is why detoxification is always recommended pre-conception. Proper pre-conception detoxification helps to remove harmful toxins that impact reproductive health and reduces the amount of toxins that could be passed on to infants either during pregnancy or through breastfeeding.

So how do women know their hormones are out of balance?The truth is some don’t, not until they’ve detoxified, put things back in natural order, and realised the difference. Women who take part in the Slim By Nature programs (regardless what stage they’re at in life) often report experiencing the positive hormonal effects of detoxing like shorter and lighter periods, reduced PMS symptoms, improved metabolism, and boosted energy!

So come on ladies, support your inner goddess with a healthy, real-food centered detox today!

By Rachel Lee, Nutritionist with Slim By Nature.

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