SBN Detox Diet Loading Days Explained: Can you seriously eat anything you want?


The SBN Detox DietLoading Days” are designed to get your Detox journey off to a flying – and happy start. Typically “loading” makes up the first two days of the SBN Detox. Call them the “binge” or “gorge” days, if you like, but I like to think of them as a great way to clear out the fridge and cupboards of temptations.  During these two days, you begin taking daily doses of SBN Detox diet drops while eating heartily the most delicious food you can.

It may seem counter-intuitive to “binge” at the start of any “diet” program, but seriously, the loading phase is an integral part of the SBN detox diet plan. Most people think it is somewhat strange to attempt losing weight by overeating for several days. Loading is fun, and you will find that your husband or partner will happily join you at this stage of the detox! (Maybe you can convince them to join you for the whole program!)

Pig Out?

Pigging out & overeating is a legitimate part of your detox diet! It is not only allowed, but it is encouraged and even required! The first day of the SBN Detox loading phase is often unbelievable.  Let’s face it; you have probably been denying yourself little treats and snacks up until this point.  Detox Day 1 and 2 is your chance to have that extra slice of cake or a yummy dessert.  You can even indulge in a glass of wine or two! (SBN encourages responsible consumption of alcohol during the loading phase only).  I always recommend loading over the weekend!!   By the second day, you will probably start to settle down so far as bingeing is concerned, but you will still be eating heartily without restricting yourself, but you will be ready and wanting to get on with the next phase of the detox diet and start losing weight.

Will I Gain Weight During SBN Detox Diet Loading Phase?

Yes!  Normally, you will.  You are going to be eating more than you have been allowing yourself previously so that you will put on a bit of extra weight.   However, you are going to be happy about it – because you know that you are about to step off a cliff edge and watch your weight drop dramatically during the next few days.

Somewhat bizarrely, some people are surprised to find that they do not gain any weight at all during the SBN Detox loading phase, and some even lose weight.   Often this is caused by a loss of water weight, especially for those who had not been getting enough protein.

Don’t believe me – check out our Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/bodydetoxcleanse/ to witness this happen on a daily basis:

What can I eat?

We often say that you can eat anything on the Loading Phase of the SBN Detox. However, I would not encourage you to rush out and buy “unhealthy” food for loading. I always start by looking at what I already have in the cupboard.  Pasta is always lurking, waiting to tempt me during the Detox. Best to eat it now rather than later.   Ice-cream still in the freezer? Eat what you can, then throw away the rest (unless you have little munchkins that require such delights).

If you do not have anything in the cupboard & fridge that you can load on (really?) and want some inspiration.   I always recommend to load on good fats and buy organic where possible, such as avocado, nuts, ghee and I love indulging in carbonara and salmon. Some other fat suggestions are:

  • Bacon

  • Bread with thick butter and jam

  • Eggs

  • Fried meats or seafood

  • Mayonnaise

  • Milk chocolate

  • Pastries with whipped cream

Visit our Facebook Group to see what food others are loading on https://www.facebook.com/groups/bodydetoxcleanse/

Enjoy Loading Days

Why are Loading Days Essential?

The SBN loading phase is an essential part of the SBN Detox diet.  Here are three critical reasons:

1) Fat reserves need restocking before beginning a low-calorie diet.

People trying the SBN detox have too much “abnormal” fat, but low levels of reserve fat.  Fat reserves are healthy and necessary fat stores that are used to fill your energy needs when you are low on calories. They are very different from the abnormal, fixed fat deposits you are trying to shed.

Your good fat reserves are an essential part of your body.  Many people joining the SBN Detox Program have probably tried dieting before, and so they have probably been used their fat reserves up already.  Years of repeated or constant dieting leaves many overweight and obese people with chronically low-fat reserves.   You will have a very challenging time during the low-calorie phase of the SBN Detox if your good fat reserves are already low.   Following the SBN loading phase protocol ensures that you do have the necessary fat reserves to make the Detox a success.

2) SBN Diet Drops Take Several Days to Start Working

Magic they may be!  However it still takes SBN detox diet drops several days to begin releasing enough of your abnormal fat stores to supply your energy needs for the low-calorie portion of the SBN diet.  An intake of only 500 calories from food is too low unless your body is releasing energy from your abnormal fat stores.

Following the SBN loading phase adequately will guarantee you the feeling of euphoria many SBN Detoxers experiences during the first week.  Failing to follow the SBN loading phase correctly, will result in disappointment, hunger, irritability and possibly even headaches.

3) Successful SBN Loading Days Results in a Successful Detox Program

The most important week of your SBN Detox Journey is the first week. It is hard to put into words the feelings of emotion, feelings of complete delirious happiness and wonder that you will feel after the first week of the Detox. We often have women losing more weight in the first week than they have ever achieved on any other diet they have attempted. Without a doubt, the biggest motivation for you to continue and complete the Detox Program is your Bathroom Scales smiling up at you after the first week.

Enjoy it!

With Love and Care,

Zhanna Gee

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