Controversy in today’s world around detoxing


Controversy in today’s world around detoxing

There is a lot of controversy in today’s world around detoxing with critics arguing whether we really need to detox when the body has its own detox system. And they’re not wrong. Yes, the body has a natural detox system, one of the purposes of our lungs, nose, skin, lymph nodes, liver and kidneys is to rid our bodies of foreign chemicals. But what happens when we’ve overloaded it with junk food, chemicals in soft drinks, heavy metal exposure, alcohol, over-consuming proteins, toxins in processed foods, and other harmful substances? It can’t be expected to work as efficiently.

Detoxification is designed to relieve toxic burden on the body whist natural detoxification ingredients enhance the body’s detox system, helping it to run more efficiently. So for some, toxins can be exactly what is standing in the way of achieving their health outcomes, and here is why…

Toxins are substances that can affect the normal processes of the body through interference with enzymes, cell damage, mimicking of hormones or neurotransmitters, and blockage of nutrient absorption in the gut. Toxins are derived from foods, plastics, heavy metal exposure, chemicals, cosmetics, and many other things we use in our daily lives, they’re basically all around us. They can be absorbed through the skin, breathed in, or digested in our gut and if they are not properly eliminated by the body’s detoxification system, they are stored in fat cells.

Toxins wreak havoc in our system by increasing inflammation, altering how out body responds to certain genes, causing hormonal imbalances, depleting nutrients, inducing fatigue, altering our gut microbiota, and more. These dysfunctions can lead to obesity, female reproductive disorders, improper thyroid function, and mental health issues.

Many detox programs boast the use of juicing and extreme calorie deficits to induce weight loss and remove bodily toxins. But a calorie deficit without the proper education and support isn’t enough to detox the body and sustain weight loss. This is why controlled programs using wholefoods, natural ingredients, supportive and educational materials, and sustainability are so important. The Slim By Nature programs teach us to how to enjoy a nourishing diet full of wholefoods and to eliminate risky and processed foods that burden our liver, kidneys, gut, and lymph nodes with toxins.

The Slim By Nature programs stand out from the crowd because is this form of detoxing teaches us to listen to our body & detect potential problems. Through stripping back the diet and supporting the body’s natural detox system with natural remedies we are able to uncover underlying issues in our diet that may be causing symptoms such as fatigue, hormonal imbalance, inflammation, and gut disturbances. This is an empowering skill to learn, giving people the autonomy to make informed decisions about their health.

So what makes the Slim By Nature programs a quality detox?

When detoxing we need to maintain diet quality through eating wholefoods, adequate protein to supple enzymes that support detoxification, fresh fruits and vegetables supplying antioxidant properties that reduces inflammation, and foods that contain natural fibre for gut support. Slim By Nature includes all of this! And the benefits? People experience sleep improvements, skin becomes clearer, less gastrointestinal symptoms, balanced blood sugar levels and more energy, and hormonal efficiency.

Detoxing is also a fantastic way to reset. To kick-start a weight loss journey. To improve eating habits. To cut back on sugars, alcohol, and fatty foods. To take control of your health. And to remove the toxic barriers standing in your way!

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