Breaking bad habits with Karen from @styleloving2


Breaking bad habits

Nothing changes, if nothing changes

As women, we can easily get caught up in life, running the same route, doing the same job, seeing the same people day in and day out, you could say that getting “stuck in a rut” is common for most. Our body and our mind goes into “autopilot” mode and before you know it, we start feeling lost and wondering ‘what else is there out there?’

But what about if you start feeling sluggish too? What if you are moody, irritable, and just not enjoying life anymore? Change comes from within, so it may be worth looking at what diet habits you have and seeing if there is anything in your diet that needs changing.

It’s not always easy to recognise the habits we have. These habits have been living comfortably in our subconscious… for who knows how long?  So recognising these habits and becoming more aware of what you’re doing, and how they are either benefiting you or impacting you is just the first step in feeling better all round.

At Slim By Nature, we love hearing from women who finally recognise that their diet needs to be changed. They may not necessarily be looking for weight loss, but they want to feel better about themselves and they want a clearer mind and more confidence. They want to educate themselves in heathier living without starting a new yoga regime or filling their kitchen with kale, chia seeds and super food powders.

They just want to learn how to break their negative diet habits and become happy.

Recently, Karen Suzanne from StyleLoving2 joined Slim By Nature after recognising some of the habits she had were not beneficial for her anymore. Karen started the 12 Day trial kit and quickly recognised the amount of artificial sweetener she was consuming in the way of soft drinks, and the many temptations that were presented before her.

Read Karen’s blog on her Breaking BAD habits – 12 Day Detox here.

The 12 day trial kits are a great introduction to the Slim By Nature detox, because it not only allow you to recoginse your bad habits, weather its drinking too many carbonated drink, snacking while making dinner for the family or even finishing the kids leftovers, the Trial Kit helps you recognise how much food you were consuming and it teaches you how to eat uniquely for your body.

You will lose weight on the Trial Kit, however you will not maintain the 3-5kg loss without completing the full 3 step program. The trial kit helps you recognise all those bad habits you have developed over the years that has got you to the point you are right now. 

The Slim By Nature complete program helps you reset your body and your mind, and helps you refocus on your future. It’s the reason why so many women love detoxing over and over again!

If you want to find out more about the 12 day trial kits and how they are a great introduction into the complete program, read our blog on Trial Kits Explained here.

And remember, our programs are not all about the weight you lose, but it is all about the wellbeing.

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