What is the SBN Body Slimming Detox?


Why Women all Over the World are Falling in Love

Hello Beautiful,

I thought I will take the time today and explain exactly what is our Body Slimming Detox and Why it is so popular and loved amongst women. You see, I get asked so often why OUR formula actually works and what is it we do – that makes the whole weight loss journey for women so successful.  So in the article below, you will learn all our secrets, how we do things at SBN House and why women get results, and I mean 100% success rate!

But firstly, let me say few words about SLIM BY NATURE and why we are different to any other detox, weight loss company out there.
Here at Slim By Nature – we are doing something we believe in – and it is making a difference to thousands of women every day. In the last 5 years -we’ve helped thousands of women around the globe!
We operate online and face to face with class and integrity. We are honest to our clients and we care about you.  Each one of you.  We are changing women’s lives every day and the best thing – is that we are getting rewarded for it in a form of a letter, email, phone call – saying how much we’ve transformed their lives and how happy they are now with their bodies!

I get hundreds of messages, emails, calls every day from women who simply are so grateful for the program that I have created that allowed them to change their live, change their health and their looks for the better!

Lets talk briefly WHY women fail on most “diets”*?

Just think for a minute about the reason women so frequently fail at dieting…  Is it the “wrong” diet, or shortage of support from friends & family?  Is it a lack of motivation or determination?

I’ll tell you a reason that women fail at dieting!

It’s because life simply gets in the way!  You know what I mean if… You have kids, hold down a job, deal with finances…  Pressure from all angles that we can’t always cope with.  It can be too much!   Suddenly your “WHY”, your reason for dieting, to find the new you, the desire to be happy again –  disappears and becomes not strong enough motivation to continue.

*"Going on a Diet"

I dislike the word and concept of a “going on a diet” & I do not consider the Body Slimming Detox as a traditional diet.  Yes you may change your food intake and limit your food choices, but we are working on a change of lifestyle that won’t come to an abrupt end.

To succeed on any diet or weight loss program, (or anything else in life) – you need a strong reason “WHY”.  A big enough motivation to push you through the obstacles that you will face.

Women who decide to “give it a go” when joining a new gym, boot camp or trying the latest weight loss miracle, will struggle to succeed if they are not crystal clear about their reason WHY.  Often these women give up and end up back where they started… overweight and depressed, if not more so, than before.  The worst thing – is that they give up, lose faith and hope that anything will ever work for them.  Simply giving up on their “Better ME”!  is the killer. It’s the worst thing that can happen to any woman.

Lets be clear! There is:

No miracle without effort

No fake promises

It’s not a weight loss pill

No drinking shakes or eating fake food

An unlimited amount of support and goodwill.  Just ask!

Introducing Body Slimming Detox

I have worked out a plan, a structure and a guide and most importantly I have worked so hard on a formula that is faultless and delivers results.

What you do get is:

A Fantastic Detox and Fat Burning Program

Products & Guidance that work!

Unlimited & Excellent Supportfrom Slim By Nature qualified Staff and other active “Detoxers”

Education you will learn more about nutrition and about your own body’s behaviour then ever before.

Success on SBN Body Slimming Detox Program takes courage, determination and desire to change your life and change your BODY! You must be ready, completely ready to want to lose all those extra kilos that you are carrying around with you…

Lasting results are the primary goal of the SBN Body Slimming Detox.   It’s not a fad – that one day you hear about everywhere – until something new pops up on the market – promising results, unfortunately unsustainable results…

The SBN Body Slimming Detox will be the last “Diet”  or “Weight Loss Program” you try.  That is my promise! It is more than a “diet”, it is an education.

Simple 3 Step Program

Only 3 steps – which will change your life forever.

1) The first step – is the Loading phase.  Loading is just like it sounds.  You enjoy the opportunity to load up on all the naughty food that you love.  Enjoy a party with friends, have your glass of wine or gin & tonic and prepare to say goodbye to the old you. If you wish to know more about loading – simply click here to read my blog on Loading.

2) The second step – is the DETOX phase  and Fat Burning Phase, where in the first week you can expect to lose between 3-5 kilos. Yes!! Kilos!!  Simply follow the supplied eating guide & take your SBN Detox Diet Formula as recommended. Your body will start burning the yellow stubborn FAT that you have been carrying for years..

During this second phase of the detox you will learn – probably the first time in your life – which foods are good for your body and which are not.  Everyone is unique – and you need to figure it out for yourself.   You will learn what makes you put on weight, which fruit or vegetable causes inflammation in your body and doesn’t agree with you.  Most importantly you will be surprised how much goodness you eat and how delicious it is.  You will re-educate your palette and will start to taste the ingredients, the real flavours that you have been missing.  From the third day, you will be eating less, yet you won’t be hungry!  You will be amazed how fast your body is burning stubborn yellow fat as it converts it to energy.

3) The 3rd & final step of the BSD is the vital maintenance phase.  I say that maintenance is the most important phase because this is your new life!  You are at the target weight that you want to maintain.  You eat a variety of delicious food, buy new clothes and experience new beginnings! This phase is contagious and I recommend to stick to it for life.

Like I said earlier, the Slim By Nature Body Slimming Detox will be the last “diet” or “weight loss program” you will ever do.

Remember to mention Slim By Nature when replying to the many compliments you will receive!

Amazing Food on Maintenance

This is your time

Your Time, and if you are open to it – I’d love to help.

My mission is to increase the quality of life of every woman I reach.

I am sharing this with you – because I love to help others as I did from a young age.  I love sharing my love and happiness that I am surrounded by every day of my life.  Seeing how women change their lives with our programs gives me such joy.  I get hundreds of messages, emails, calls every day from women who simply are so grateful for the program that I have created that allowed them to change their live, change their health and their looks for the better !  I often shed a tear when women tell me how they feel after completing our program!

What makes me the happiest is when I hear that women feel loved.  Feel loved by their husbands, partners, kids – they feel that love again… Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that they haven’t been loved…they simply have not felt it… They haven’t felt it because they haven’t been loving themselves. It is rather hard to believe that someone can love you when you hate yourself!  Does that sound familiar?  Now they feel more confident, more attractive, free and simply beautiful … as any woman should feel.

None of us are born knowing this stuff.  I wasn’t either!  I worked hard over the years and with help of our amazing team of naturopaths, nutritionists and scientists – I can guarantee you the program that I’ve designed for you – will change your life for ever. I can give you the right tools and teach you what to do…  I can cure your battles with weight loss BUT it is your responsibility to learn about your body and your health.


That was a lot of information so let’s do a quick recap…

1) First we learned that there is no miracle pills, no shakes that will change your life overnight – unless you are ready to do it first. So, you need to be committed 100%.

2) Have your reason WHY.  Write it down.  Commit to it.  Tell our Facebook Group – you will be flooded with support and encouragement.

3) Get excited – a new you is just a few short weeks away!

4) Be honest and don’t cheat the system

5) We walked through the 3 step detox process that will get you to lose weight every day, reset your metabolism and lock in the weight that you’ve lost.

The most important message that I want to make clear today is do not let anyone tell you that you cannot do this. And most importantly do not give up on yourself thinking it is the way it is. And do not do it for anyone else but yourself! You deserve it and you’ve waited long enough… It is your time to SHINE!

I would love to read your comments below.   Also, if you think you know someone that may benefit from this article, please do share with them.



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