Big Girls Do Cry… the series – Part 6


BIG GIRLS DO CRY… Part 6 – Rachel

Do The Sh*T That Scares You!

I think I’ve lived a rather sheltered life. Although I faced inevitable hardships as everyone does, I was still quite protected from the outside world. I grew up being afraid to even step a toe outside of my comfort zone. It was debilitating to the point where I let me myself miss out on so much growing up. 

Sure I rebelled as a teenager like most kids do, but I grew up so afraid to try new things. Now I don’t blame my parents for maybe being a little too protective, because they did everything out of love and they never did anything to make me feel like I was missing out. But as I got older and started to step out into my own life, I realised I WAS missing out… because I was afraid of everything. 

Although I was very independent, I was afraid of making new friends, of traveling, of trying new things. My sheltered life had taught me to stay home, stay safe, and stay within your boundaries. I never thought I needed more from life. Girl, was I wrong. Envious of the people around me enjoying life to the fullest, I decided it was my turn and adopted my motto ‘do the sh*t that scares you’. This is something I live by every single day. So that when an opportunity presents itself, I don’t shy away – I became the ‘yes’ person. 

Flash forward a few short years and I’m not that timid girl anymore. I went to uni, lived in another state, made incredible new friendships, interned with the pros, taken on new jobs and new roles, opened a business, closed a business, been places and seen things. I’m lucky I learned this at such a young age, and this is a life lesson I now pass on to so many others who were just like me. 

Because sometimes scary is good. It’s the things that scare you that shape you. Taking a leap or making a decision may seem terrifying, but the beauty of the challenge lies in the fear of failing. How can you know if you don’t try? I challenge myself to do one thing a week that scares me. This way I’m always trying new things and always moving forward. I challenge you to do the same – do the sh*t that scares you!