Bec’s 12 Days


Bec’s 12 Days

Rebecca McDonnell is a star client of ours who has had incredible results with Slim By Nature products – all whilst documenting her experience on her Blog, The Bargain Styler. After completing one “life-changing detox” with us back in January, Bec learnt new life habits, felt the best she had in years, and decided her results were good enough to embark on a second detox with SBN and record her adventures.

Bec took part in a 12 Day Trial Detox which is an SBN favourite for ladies to experience a small taste of the full Detox experience. In her blog she discusses utilising the ‘loading days’ as a way to mentally and physically prepare for the journey ahead. Doing her shopping for the week to come and filling up on all her favourite foods for two whole days, made Bec enjoy the experience so much more.

Upon embarking on Phase 2 – the Detox Phase, Bec found that this round was easier than the first time she tried SBN. She describes how in January when first taking part in the Detox, she found the portion sizes small because of how much she had been overeating and for how long she had been doing so… However, between January and October Bec discovered some new life habits. Throughout her most recent detox, Bec talks about how easy it was this time around because her healthy eating habits from January had already been solidified. She was no longer overeating, and she was now feeling full after a normal sized meal as opposed to a larger one.

This isn’t to say that determination isn’t key when embarking on your Slim By Nature journey. In her Blog Bec explains that saying no to her nightly treat of ice-cream together with her husband after dinner was difficult to say no to… however, she stayed on track because she was seeing results! And on top of this, she had incredible support from the SBN team and the SBN Facebook Support Group.

Overall, Rebecca enjoyed her 12 Day Detox. It was a beautiful opportunity to reset her body and a reminder to look after herself. She lost 5kgs during her first detox and 3.5kgs during her most recent one – resulting in an overall loss of 8.5kgs! How incredible! Not only did Bec lose this weight, but she kept if off too! We are so proud of her efforts and so happy to have her on board our Ambassador team.

To read her full journey follow this link:

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