Afterpay: weight loss made easy!


Afterpay – weight loss made easy!

Slim By Nature has helped thousands of women worldwide lose weight fast, and now with Afterpay, it’s even easier to reach your weight loss goals!

For rapid weight loss, visit our shop and select from our Premium Detox Programs which use our signature drops, or choose from our Patch Programs which is perfect for busy women.

Each program has been designed with your goal in mind.

Want to lose up to 10kg? Choose the 26 Premium kit, Detox on the Go or the Busy Bee Detox

Want to lose up to 15kg? Choose the Detox 43 Premium Kit

Want to lose up to 20kg? Choose the Detox 60 Premium kit

Wanting an accelerator, something to help you along the way? Choose Inner Goodness, Vegan FZ, Craveless or any of our delicious 123TeaTox® range!

After a detox bath? Select from any of our beautiful Bath Bombs or Bath Salts

When you have finished shopping, at checkout select Afterpay as your payment method.

Is Afterpay Safe?

Yes! Afterpay was created in 2015 and has over 3.1 million users worldwide! It allows customers to buy now and pay later, interest-free. Money comes out of your linked account every 2 weeks and this helps your cash flow.

Slim by Nature love helping women lose weight which is why we have integrated Afterpay as a payment method at checkout.

Can I lose weight now and pay later?

Yes! Imagine receiving a wedding invitation and wishing you could be a few kilos lighter or realising It’s only 8 weeks until your upcoming holiday and wishing you could drop up to 20kg before then. But, you didn’t budget for it….

The Slim By Nature Detox 60 program can help you shed up to 20kg in just 8 weeks by eating healthy whole foods. You get access to a Qualified Nutritionist, a Mindset Coach, and a free Support Group which has over 3,000 members cheering and supporting you every step of the way!

The best bit is, by using Afterpay, you could have your Detox 60 program paid off plus be a few dress sizes smaller too! It’s a win-win situation! There’s no better time to shop now.

And it’s free?

Absolutely! There are no extra interest or charges when you pay Afterpay on time. Funds come out of your nominated bank account every fortnight and you will receive a text message from Afterpay advising when your next payment is coming out.

So how do I get started?

It’s easy! All you need to do is be over 18 years of age, have a debit or credit card and be an Australian resident (New Zealand Afterpay is coming and we will integrate it into our payment systems as soon as it becomes available – stay tuned!!).

Step 1. Create an account with Afterpay, and link either your bank or credit card.

Step 2. Once you are approved by Afterpay, check out our detox shop and find the weight loss products that suit your goals.

Step 3. At checkout, select Afterpay as the payment method. Your payments will be split into 4 equal installments.

Step 4. Wait for your products to arrive. We receive the order immediately and we ship 3 x per week via express post so your products will arrive in no time at all.

Step 5. Join our Private Facebook Support Group, and start losing weight now.

  • 26 Day PREMIUM Body Slimming Detox™ +FREE CraveLess


    or 4 payments of $49.75

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  • DETOX60 – 60 Day ACCELERATED Detox +FREE CraveLess


    or 4 payments of $99.50

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  • STARTER Body Slimming Detox


    or 4 payments of $24.75

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  • DETOX43 – COMPLETE 43 Day Body Slimming Detox + FREE CraveLess


    or 4 payments of $67.25

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