5 Gentle Exercises To Improve Your Detox


5 Gentle Exercises To Improve Your Detox

With your body doing all of the hard work already, there’s very little need to exercise during your detox. In our traditional program, we even prescribe relaxation  for the first two weeks to allow your body to adjust to one thing at a time. However, light and gentle exercise is very welcome as of the third week of your program. 


Gentle exercise is all about movement. Movement realigns our body – it keeps us active and has a world of health benefits other than assisting with weight loss or muscle tone. There are even some gentle exercises that actually support your body in detoxifying! 



Yoga is the gold standard of light exercise. It incorporates strength, flexibility and breathing to boost both our physical and mental well being. Regular yoga can even help with reducing high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic pain, depression and stress. Amazing! It’s surprisingly moving (emotionally and physically) and the great thing about yoga is you can practice it anywhere. Look up ‘Yoga For Beginners’ onYouTube and away you go. 




Gentle Pilates 


This is the kind of low-impact pilates that helps with long-term flexibility, strength and endurance. Not the kind that involves loud music and sweating on a reformer bed. Regular gentle pilates helps to strengthen and tone, improve core and pelvic muscles, and reduce inflammation. Like yoga, gentle pilates is something you can practice from the comfort of your own home. 





By walking, we simply just mean walking. Don’t go power walking Kath & Kel style up and down hills or hiking through the nearest park. Walk the dog, take a stroll with a loved one, or wake yourself up in the morning with a walk around the block. Keep a strolling-to-moderate pace and use this time to reflect. helps to improve blood flow and lymphatic health




Foam Rolling


Foam rolling releases the lymphatic fluid in your muscles, acting as a magnet to pull the toxins from your body. The benefits aren’t just muscular, however – the connective tissue found woven throughout the entire body receives the benefits as well. Foam rolling releases tension in the tissue, promoting health and vitality of the fascia – mini fibers responsible for giving your muscles shape and tone.






Now don’t go all Ian Thorpe on us and strap the goggles on too soon. Swimming during your detox should be as gentle as the water. Let the water carry you, let it relieve aching joints, and move through it slowly. Walking in water is quite a resistance workout, and gentle swimming with help with movement and circulation without any impact at all. 




Just remember not to overdo it. Give your body a chance to relax into the movements and work out any tension. Keep your exercises to a lower intensity and listen to your body, and always stretch afterwards! You don’t need to work up a sweat to reap the benefits of movement.