10 Step Guide To Preparing For Your Detox


10 Step Guide To Preparing For Your Detox

Are you excited to start your new detox & lifestyle journey? We are!

But like every weight loss journey, your detox can’t be rushed. We know you’re eager beavers and want to start the second your beautiful parcel arrives in the mail… but the secret to your success is in the preparation! 

Before you get started with planning and prepping for your detox, choose a day to begin your journey. We recommend a Saturday so you can enjoy all the spoils of the Loading Phase over the weekend. Then give yourself at least 3-5 days to prepare everything you need. 


There are a few essential things you need to know before embarking on your journey. Follow these steps to give yourself the best possible chance at achieving your goals and getting the most out of your detox. 


Step 1: Read your Body Slimming Detox or Detox On The Go guide in FULL – understand exactly what you need for each phase and what each phase consists of. If you have any questions, check out our support platform or speak to one of our friendly support staff


Step 2: Join our private women’s only Facebook community – post your ‘Be’, get some more insight into how the program works and the soak up the motivation from other inspiring women on their own journeys


Step 3: Make sure you have your progress-monitoring essentials and utensils ready – a food diary or food tracking app, a kitchen scale, a bathroom scale, a personal measuring tape, non-stick pots & pans, baking paper/foil and steamer pots or a microwave steamer 


Step 4: Plan to have some of your favourite cheeky foods in Phase 1 – and don’t forget you want lots of healthy fats like avocado, nuts, seeds, olive oil, salmon, yoghurt, cheese, etc. 


Step 5: Write a Phase 2 shopping list – use your Approved Food List to guide your food choices for your first week of Phase 2 and gather the essentials like; tea, coffee, Niulife Coconut Aminos, Braggs Aminos, Sriracha, herbs, spices, Stevia, etc. 


Step 6: Go shopping and meal prep/menu plan – click here to learn the ins and out of meal prepping and menu planning for your detox 


Step 7: Be sure to have a good quality BPA free water bottle handy – dehydration is the enemy of your detox


Step 8: Have all of your detox and supportive products ready – understand how to use them and in which order


Step 9: Check your mindframe – detoxing and weight loss aren’t easy (if it was you wouldn’t be here right now), so being in the right mindframe is paramount. Go into your journey without self-doubt… leave all of that behind. You’re not a victim anymore. It’s time to start a new chapter with an open mind and a fresh perspective. 


Step 10: Get a good night’s sleep and get excited, your journey awaits!