Private Facebook Community


Private Facebook Community

Have you joined our Private Facebook Community? Wondering what all the fuss is about? Our women’s only private Facebook group is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Studies have even shown that online weight loss communities play a prominent role in weight loss efforts — creating a relationship that goes even beyond the support of clinicians or family and friends. And they’re 100% right! 


Our private Facebook community plays a pivotal role in your detox and weight loss journey with Slim By Nature. Adherence to weight loss programs is the number one reason for weight loss failure, however in our group members are encouraged to check in daily and share their experiences, symptoms, meals, and daily weight status. Through this our members are creating healthful habits that adhere them to their weight loss journey and remind them daily of their achievements. Daily updates also enable members to follow each other’s journeys, bond over daily experiences, share recipes and meals, relate to each other’s symptoms, and gain motivation from the anecdotes of others.


It’s no secret that for us women, discussing our bodies can be very daunting. It’s often a negative experience, with most of us only ever listing the things we don’t like and ignoring the things we do. Talking about weight loss is much the same. Many feel alone, judged, and anxious about the process. But our group changes that. The strong, kind, passionate women that partake in the group all understand our one condition… positivity. Armed with this one simple concept, these women have created a community that goes beyond what we could have ever imagined. They’re not just representing body positivity, but emotional, spiritual, and social too. We laid the foundations, but they built the home. A place where like-minded women can connect based on a common ground – wanting to FEEL better. Away from the negative impact of unrealistic female representation in the media, this platform has created an environment in which women, free of judgement, can express themselves. A place where real women are making real changes for the better. 


But the positivity doesn’t stop there. This group isn’t limited by aesthetic or weight loss. We also encourage our community to be used as a platform for learning. With our moderators, staff, and nutritionist all at the helm to provide a wealth of knowledge, we at Slim By Nature believe in empowerment through education. We’re constantly working to provide in-depth information on every aspect of our programs such as products, symptoms, outcomes, hormones, gut health, emotional wellbeing, and much more to keep our members and prospective detoxers well informed. 


With over 4500 active members, we couldn’t be prouder of our Facebook community and it comes as no surprise with this many incredible women in one place, friendships have blossomed. Not only are you able to interact with the amazing women running Slim By Nature, but members have even formed bonds we could have never foreseen. From all around Australia, to members even meeting up halfway across the world, women are connecting. It really is a community built by women, for women. 

So whether you’re a silent onlooker or an active poster; uncomfortable talking to your friends and family about your journey or you want to scream it from the rooftops; a sceptic or a die-hard believer… our group is for you. Join today, and see the amazing results for yourself: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bodydetoxcleanse/