How to make detox meals for the whole family


How to make detox meals for the whole family

Detoxing is a very personal time. You’re making a conscious decision to better your health and for once you’re putting yourself first. During your detox, your eating habits change dramatically and this is a necessary step to help you reach your goal. But this change can mean cooking for your family is different too.

The hard truth is, you’ll likely be cooking separate meals for you and your family whilst on detox, and that’s to be expected. We understand that this isn’t ideal, but remember you’re making a positive decision to embark on a detox journey and although it can be challenging to cook separate meals now, it’s not going to last forever. That’s why we have our wonderful maintenance phase – during this time you’ll learn to cook meals that are suitable for the whole family and this is a skill you’ll learn for life.


Despite all of this, we wanted to share some simple tips for adjusting your detox meals to suit the whole family:


  • Cook your family the same foods you’re having: – If you want chicken and zucchini for dinner, they can have it too.

  • Practice simple math, addition: When it comes to creating detox-friendly meals for your whole family, simply add more ingredients to suit your family’s needs.
    For example: Choose your protein and vegetable for your meal. Weigh and divide up your portion. You can either cook your portions in a different pan or separate your portion in the same pan. Then just add more vegetables or a serve of whole grain carbohydrates to bulk up your family meals.

  • Meal prep for you or your family in advance: This can be one of the easiest ways to overcome the stress of cooking separate meals. Dedicate some time each week to either cooking batches of meals for yourself or your family (or both) and refrigerating/freezing them for later.

  • Get your family involved in the cooking process: This not only allows you time to prepare your own meal with care, but it’s also a fun activity for your family to enjoy. The burden shouldn’t all be on your shoulders.

  • Check out our cookbook: Our Body Slimming Detox cookbook contains dozens of detox-friendly recipes that can be multiplied to suit your family. Our Thai-Style Chicken Meatballs are sure to be a hit!

  • Don’t feel guilty about serving your family healthy meals: If you’re feeling guilty about cutting back on the usual potato chips, garlic bread, or sweet treats, then stop. You’re not depriving your family of anything, no matter how much they protest.



Recipe idea:

Chicken wraps:

Marinate chicken breast in your favourite seasonings, then weigh and portion your 100g serve, and portion larger serves for your family. Then cook your serve in a small pan with no oil, and your family’s serve in a large pan with some olive oil if desired.

For yourself, serve chicken in lettuce cups, topped with coriander/parsley, fresh chilli, and spring onion. Serve your family’s chicken in wholemeal wraps topped with lettuce, coriander/parsley, fresh chilli, and spring onion. You can also add cheese, cucumber, and shredded carrot to theirs if desired.


It’s that easy! You’re not eating separate meals, they’re simply eating more ingredients than you.


At its core, detoxing is ‘me time’ and you deserve the focus to be on you for a change. It may be harder at first to adjust your family’s meals, but stay strong, you’re doing this for you. And remember to keep them involved, use this time to be a role model for healthy eating habits in your home – and show them how it’s done!