Detoxing your home


Detoxing Your Workplace, Kindergarten Centre, Gym and Playpen (AKA: Your Home)

Your home is a place in which you should feel completely at ease. It should be your sanctuary and haven after a long day. We are all familiar with the feeling of coming into a clean and tidy home…
The absolute bliss as you tumble onto the couch, relax, and look around knowing there is simply nothing for you to do. But we are also all familiar with the fact that these moments of bliss can be quite rare – especially if you have kids.


With families staying home and practicing social distancing, home is no longer a sanctuary to many. Home is now a school, a workplace, a playpen, and an entertaining venue; in fact, it’s anything but a relaxing oasis. And keeping it nice and tidy is no easy feat. Maintaining a perfectly tidy home was hard enough when the whole family wasn’t even there all day, let alone when you have all 3 offspring plus your hubby flailing about the house.


There’s no doubt we feel better in a nice and tidy home, but is it all in our heads? According to a 2010 study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, women who described their homes as being cluttered and untidy were more likely to be depressed and fatigued! The same study also found that women with less tidy homes were found to have higher levels of stress (cortisol).


It’s all well and good to discuss why a clean home will keep us feeling fab. But if we could barely do it before social distancing, how do we do it now? How can we reap the benefits of a clean space and feel like we are once again in our sanctuary? We don’t have all the answers, but we definitely have a few…


How can we DETOX our homes?


Cleaning feels like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. If you’re a mum especially, you’ll know the feeling of waiting for the clutter around you to grow to eye-level before you break down and tell the whole family – “tomorrow we clean this WHOLE house!”


But it doesn’t have to get to this point! Break down simple chores to do every day. The laundry, the dishwasher, vacuuming – whatever it is! And don’t put it all down to yourself. Sometimes as women, being such perfectionists isn’t always our best attribute, and we actually have the habit of REFUSING help despite needing it… so if your other half or little ones offer to unstack the dishwasher, LET THEM! It’s a learning experience for both of you… you’ll learn to become less irritated by small differences to how things are done, and your kids will learn to actually tidy up after themselves!



Let’s say you disregard step one completely (it’s okay, we’ve all been there), and you’ve reached a point where there’s mess up to your ears. Don’t fret! Instead of stressing yourself out and deciding to dedicate a whole day to cleaning, do little things that will actually make you feel better!


A tidy space is one thing – but a lot of the time you know there’s dust or dirt that needs removing. Taking a few books and cups off a cluttered desk won’t always do the trick. So if you’re in a pinch, we suggest you focus on clean not tidy. No matter how tidy you make a space, if its surfaces or furniture is not clean, you tend to not feel better.


So do something simple and effective…


Something as simple as sanitising the benchtops can completely transform a space. Not only does it look clean, but if you’re using the right product, the scent of cleanliness will waft through your home. The scent you smell on a Sunday morning after spending the entirety of Saturday scrubbing from top to bottom… you know… that scent.


Amidst all the stresses of the world at the moment, we have released a natural Hand & Surface Sanitising Spray to help our community keep nice and clean. With our access to labs and the bulk ingredients necessary for sanitiser, we felt it was only right to pass this onto our beautiful SBN Family. So not only do you have the chance to make your home smell as fresh as a daisy, but you can keep your hands clean with a simple spray or two.


A simple task like sanitising your kitchen benchtop or the coffee table, or dusting your tv cabinet and windowsill, has the power to make you feel so much better about your space.


If all else fails, focus on clean over tidy!



Slightly touched on in the first point, make sure you get your kids involved! Not only does involving them teach them how to look after their space, but it actually helps them to realise that you are human too! Their empathy kicks in as they start to see you as their parent, needing a hand sometimes too.


Now, depending on their age, you obviously can’t expect your two-year-old Bobby to go and mow the lawns… But teaching cleanliness from an early age will help them to develop these good habits for life. As discussed above, sometimes all you can do are little things – so make them simple and effective. Two-year-old Bobby can’t quite mow the lawns, but he can learn to spray and wipe down the coffee table or even his toys!


Our Hand & Surface Sanitising Spray is safe, and perfect for all members of the family. Designed to clean your hands as well as your home, and made with natural ingredients – you can rest assured that your kids can learn to clean in a safe way.


In their lifetime, a majority of kids will eventually get sick. But be it the cold or flu, having good hygiene and maintaining a clean space is the first step to avoid getting poorly. Having clean surfaces is especially vital with children, and teaching them from a young age that germs and bacteria can thrive in places they wouldn’t even expect can save them years of unnecessary colds and illnesses.


So grab a Sanitising Spray and get wiping kids!




Whether you’re a cleaning wizz or you’re just trying to keep the dishes clean (like most of us at the moment), the final step to keeping sane and detoxing your home, is to NOT beat yourself up.


The moment you let go of your frustration and anger towards yourself, is the moment your home is freed of a negative energy that you may not have even realised was there. We are all going through this together and you are not alone! If you can’t keep up with the clutter around you, remind yourself this is only temporary. There is only so much one person can do.


Your home has gone from a blissful sanctuary to a school, wiggles concert, workplace and gym all within the space of a week. You are allowed to relax and do something with your time other than clean. The health of your home is founded on the health of your mental wellbeing!


We hope these small tips can help you get through this time of social distancing, and even beyond. As a business run by women with families and kids, we definitely know the stress of trying to keep on top of everything – but just remember to breathe. Everything that is troublesome now, will pass. In the meantime, all we can do is our best and any little steps taken to help us all feel better, will transform our chaotic household, back into a blissful home.


Our SBN Hand & Surface Sanitising Spray is available for pre-order now! Available in small spray bottles, larger refill bottles and bundles for the household – you can keep your home and hands clean and fresh. Made with natural ingredients, you can also rest assured it is safe to use for the whole family!