Toxins – Part 1: why do we need to detox?



We know detoxing makes us feel great – it boosts our energy, makes us feel lighter on our feet, and even helps with mental and emotional clarity. But why is this? What is it that underpins our need for detoxing? 


Toxins! In short, toxins are substances that can interfere with the normal processes of the body – they can even mimic hormones and block us from absorbing nutrients! Nasty little things! Toxins can be caused by lifestyle exposures and are even created by our body. 


Poor digestion is one of the major sources for toxins in most of us – with improperly digested foods becoming fuel for toxins in the gut. Food itself is another major source – with the industrialised use of pesticides and chemicals for food preservation causing us to be exposed to toxins in our diet every single day


Other common toxin exposures to look out for include: 

  • Medications 
  • Lifestyle choices (alcohol, smoking, recreational drugs)
  • Poor dietary choices (too much added sugar, junk foods, low fibre, and processed foods)
  • Stress
  • Cleaning products 
  • Insecticides, herbicides, solvents and heavy metals
  • Biological toxins (aflatoxin, lectins)
  • Biological inhalants (mould, pollen, algae)
  • Radiation and electromagnetic fields
  • Occupation (working around vehicles, waste products, construction, metal work, etc.)
  • BPA plastics 


Ask yourself… how many of these are you exposed to each day? 


So even though the body has its own (rather powerful) detoxification system, it can become overwhelmed – allowing toxins to wreak havoc and interfere and damage any bodily process they can. In today’s modern world, this can happen very easily. With our phones, everything being packaged in plastic, carbon emissions, our obsession with cleanliness, and fast food taking over the world – we’re literally surrounded by toxins! How do toxins cause damage you ask? They; 

  • Increase chronic inflammation
  • Alter our gene transcription – literally changing the messages our body is sending itself
  • Increase production of oxidative stress – which can damage our DNA
  • Disrupt hormone balance 
  • Inhibit the detoxification of other substances – causing MORE toxins! 
  • Deplete nutrients and block their absorption 
  • Interfere with energy production – causing fatigue and issues with weight loss 
  • Cause gut inflammation and leaky gut syndrome 
  • And even alter our gut microbiome – which interferes with our mood, digestion, hormones, and a myriad of issues all on its own 


Scary stuff isn’t it?! We think it goes without saying why we need to detox every once in a while. This damage leads to a number of symptoms – some of which are so common that we don’t even realise they’re a result of toxicity, including; headaches & migraines, bloating & gut discomfort, fatigue or tiredness, getting sick easily, mood swings & anxiety, PMS & irregular periods, and weight gain. 


If you notice one or more of these symptoms – it’s probably time to do a detox. Embarking on a detox program will help support your body to effectively and efficiently eliminate these toxins and increase toxin resistance – helping you feel better for longer! A Body Slimming Detox also helps to break the down fat cells that house toxins in the body – decreasing your body’s storage capacity for them and ultimately helping to build a stronger future defense. 


Depending on your exposure, detoxing 1-2 or more times per year is a powerful tool to reduce your risk of irreversible damage caused by toxins – to keep you feeling your vibrant self!