Eat Less – Move More Myth


Why eating healthy and regular exercise sometimes is not enough ti get your life back in a balanced and healthy state

I decided to address this topic here today on our blog.  I can not sit still any longer while thousands of social media posts and so called helpful comments and nonsense are flooding our virtual life.

Let Me Explain

The philosophy about “Eat Less, Move More, Lose Weight” does not apply to so many of the population. It makes me incredibly SAD and somewhat ANGRY, when I read on social media, or in Facebook groups – comments and posts along the lines of – “if you’re overweight and wish to lose weight – just eat healthy food and exercise more”.   Yes, healthy food and exercise is the base of a good, balanced lifestyle. BUT… What those people don’t seem to realise, is that there is so much more to weight and obesity problems than “just” healthy food and exercise.

Don’t Judge

Many of us have friends or family who are overweight. Often even eating healthy food and exercising has not helped to shed the kilos to be in the “healthy” range. We outsiders jump to conclusions, by thinking badly of them, or even worse – voicing our thoughts.  We may consider that they are lazy, or just need to change their eating habits and so on. Often these victims have tried, or are trying to follow the “Eat Less, Move More” philosophy and they are suffering because it is not working for them.  It is not working for their body.

Felicity's Video Testimonial

Felicity is one of our younger clients at just 27 years of age. Her story is truely inspirational.  Mother of two kiddies, Felicity has been diagnosed with a mental condition and was prescribed medication which lead to weight gain.

Felicity has used the Slim By Nature Detox Program to lose the weight gain she experienced. Felicity learned about her body and chose to eliminate food and drink that was working against her. Choosing to become a Vegan on an entirely Plant Based Diet, Felicity has eliminated all meat and dairy products and stopped drinking excessive coffee.

After completing the Slim By Nature Body Slimming Detox Program, not only has Felicity lost the weight she wanted, she no longer requires the medication.  As you can see in the video, Felicity is very happy and enjoying her new life.

Escaping the Myth

At Slim By Nature, we see incredible, inspiring transformations every day. So many of our success stories are from people who have been victims of the “Eat Less, Move More” myth. They have been on countless diets & healthy eating plans without the desired results. Often they are on medication of some kind. The Slim By Nature Detox Program teaches how to learn about what makes your body work for you and how your body react to different foods, herbs & spices. 

Sadly, the very common side effect of many prescribed medications is weight gain. I hear every day from women whom starting gaining weight shortly after being prescribed treatment for an unrelated condition. Then the natural progression, is that they try to decrease their calorific intake, they start adding more exercise and yet nothing… The weight simply does not shift.

I have personal experience of how medication can cause weight gain.   Several years ago, even before I created Slim By Nature, I was prescribed pain killers for a minor back injury (from a car crash – but that’s another story). I was still getting in plenty of exercise with at least 3 gym sessions per week, however the fat would still grow. Thankfully I was not on medication permanently so I didn’t face the same challenge that so many others do.

Everyone is Different

Please understand, that everyone is different and what works for some might not work for others. Women go through enormous transformations throughout their life span. Each chapter carries something new and something different. Things like thyroid issues, certain medications, menopause, diabetes and many other factors can cause weight gain.  At SBN, I see women come to us for help when they reach the age of 40. I see a lot of women who say they train, exercise, eat healthy and still the weight piles on. I see women go from doctor to doctor in hope to find whats wrong with them and in most cases they end up with more medication instead, which causes even more weight gain.

Many thanks to Felicity for her wonderful testimonial.  Hearing such stories fills me with joy.

I would love to hear your comments below…  If you know someone that might benefit from this article, please do share.

With Love and Care



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