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Our founder, Zhanna Gee is a renowned qualified nutritionist – known for helping thousands of women across Australia and supporting them throughout their journey to renewed health. After helping thousands of clients transform themselves, Zhanna has been recognised countlessly for her contribution to women’s’ lives. In 2020, she won the Heart of Women Entrepreneur of the Year, was a finalist for the International Women’s Day Annual Gala and was a finalist for the Women in Business Leadership Award. Furthermore, she was a 2019 finalist for the International Women’s Day Leadership Award Program and a 2018 nominee for the Gold Coast Woman of the Year Award.

Initially, Zhanna created the concept when she herself was on a mission to detox and shed a few kilograms. She found that there was no guidance in the industry, and there were fat-loss myths circulating left, right and centre. On top of this, with the idea growing in society that women didn’t need to lose weight to be happy, she found herself being ashamed to admit that she wanted to lose weight in order to simply feel better in her own skin.

Realising she wasn’t the only one who felt this way, Zhanna's passion to help others and empower women started by conducting research on how to actually lose weight. This then led her to a path of connecting with incredible local and international naturopaths and nutritionists, who she collaborated with to develop and perfect a number of unique holistic formulas and eating plans. After sleepless nights and endless research, Slim By Nature was born.

Her exclusive programs have now helped more than 30,000+ women around the world detox, burn fat and live healthier lives. Driven by passion and a desire to nurture, educate and empower women on their journey to a healthier and happier life, Zhanna is the driving force behind Slim By Nature - now a holistic health and well-being company taking Australia and the world, by storm.

The secret to Slim By Nature’s success is its exclusive, all-natural, range of products - used in conjunction with specially-tailored diet plans, access to dedicated support and coaching from both the Slim By Nature team of experts and the online community of devotees.

To align with her values, she has created an award via the Slim By Nature online community - known as The Worthy Woman Award - to recognise the women that achieve the everyday little miracles in life that are often overlooked! The Worthy Woman Award is designed to promote a higher sense of self-love and gratitude - creating recognition for the women who offer their time to our beautiful online community.

Her goal is to help and positively affect the lives of 1,000.000 women across the globe by 2025.

Zhanna is a loving wife and mother of two children, entrepreneur, multi-linguist, nutritionist, and female advocate who pushes the boundaries of what's normal to enrich and lighten women’s lives. Completely infatuated with women’s wellness, she has an insatiable appetite for knowledge, is a deep thinker and is fascinated with Human Design and the tools it provides for self-discovery and correct decision making. Through Slim By Nature, she also supports the community by offering a percentage of profits to notable women’s' and children’s' charitable organisations.

Her philosophy is to be inclusive to all; empowering women of all ages, cultures, sexual orientations and gender identities.

"We want to create a feeling of absolute self-confidence and self-love in all surroundings. We want all women to carry the #iamworthit mantra with them every day and truly live and breath the Slim By Nature philosophy." - Zhanna

Zhanna Gee

Creator & Qualified Nutritionist

Zhanna Gee

Creator & Qualified Nutritionist
Our Amazing Team
Glen Gillard

Words I live by

We have to be in charge of our own health and you are the healer of your own body.

SBN’s favourite product

Body Slimming Detox.

Three words to describe myself

Young, Passionate about the Nature’s Miracles, devotee to Mother Earth

Introducing Glen Gillard
Qualified Naturopath, Herbalist and Magnetic Therapist with over 40 years clinical experience


Glen has been a Naturopath for over 40 years. He has studied and worked with many fore fathers in natural medicine and has acquired many modalities over the years including Naturopathy, Iridology, Hypnotherapy and Kinesiology. He's excited to be able to work with Zhanna Gee who works tirelessly to improve the quality of life for her clients. He is a health educator - writing countless publications over the years and several decades of experience as a radio guest on Talk Back Radio as resident Naturopath. Glen is 71 years young and likes new challenges. Glen is very much a generous educator and believer that you are the healer of your own body. He will hold your hand but you need to be willing to take action to get yourself well.

Glen’s consultations are perfect for women who are experiencing health issues and would like to take part on the Detox.

Irene Roman

Protocol Coach

Words I live by

Set your mind and keep it set. Live life to the fullest and focus on the Positive. Stop Wishing and Start Doing.

SBN’s favourite product

Drops and bath bombs.

Three words to describe myself

Adventurer, loyal and a sense of humour.

Kellie Bryant

Protocol Coach

Words I live by

Be honest and true to yourself, believe in yourself be positive.

SBN’s favourite product

Bath bombs and patches.

Three words to describe myself

Caring, honest and determined.

Jasmine Gee

Copywriter and Product Developer
Jasmine is a copywriter and product developer currently studying a Bachelor of Design/Bachelor of Business. Originally studying a Bachelor of Law/Business Honours, Jasmine discovered her talent in writing and design, and through her course transition, she also studied a Certificate I in Nutrition. Jasmine is extremely passionate about health & fitness, and combining those passions with her work is what she enjoys most about working with Slim By Nature.


Evolve or repeat. In life you either learn a lesson and grow from it, or you remain stuck in the same cycle. Choose to evolve!


123 Teatox! They are just so delicious!


Grounded, loyal, kind.

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